Forty-five & Still Alive

Yes, folks it’s true!  Donald Trump is the forty-fifth President of the United States.  He didn’t get assassinated as so many feared, and Hillary didn’t steal the election from him as so many feared, and the Neocon “Republicans” didn’t supplant him with a Constitutional maneuver that put Mike Pence in his place, and Obama didn’t refuse to leave, and all the rhetoric about rioting in the streets and “He’s not my President” fizzled into no more than a whimper.  All that worrying for nothing!

Well, maybe, and maybe not.  Social media and the internet were assiduously diligent in keeping people up to date on all of the perfidiousness that was being planned, and they exposed it to such an extent that the perpetrators may well have wanted to avoid exposure.  Rumors abounded about arrest warrants by Putin for George Soros, and that is not verified.  What was verified is meetings by anarchists and Communists on video talking about disrupting the inauguration and doing property damage.  Then there were the “Bikers for Trump” who declared they’d be there as a “wall of meat”.

The snowflakes in the Trump opposition didn’t want to come up against those guys – that’s a given.  Bikers don’t have to be “nice” like the police do.  And, there was a great void at the inauguration; sixty-five Democratic Congressmen refused to attend.  Trump was said to be heartbroken.  The real broken heart was Bill and Hillary who had the appearance of two deer caught in the headlights.  They were still wondering how having the corporate media on their payroll along with all of their cheating could possibly have failed them.

All in all, the inauguration went off without a hitch, and was, based upon many people’s expectations, an incredibly boring event.  God Bless America.

–  Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it,and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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