Daily Archives: February 1, 2017

Alahu Akbar – A Canadian False Flag?

  Alahu Akbar – Another False Flag In Canada A false flag event has a political purpose.  Paint Trump on somebody’s car, and they’ll hate trump – even if his supporters obviously would have had nothing to do with it.  Paint a Swastika on a Jewish Temple, and you can blame it on “right wing […]

Trump Has Immigration Law On His Side

  Mike Rivero Will Get You Up To Speed on the Law on Immigration A sixty five year old law signed by Democrat President Harry Truman gives Trump the right and duty to do what he’s doing.  The word Muslim does not appear in Trump’s executive order.  Democrat President Jimmy Carter applied this law also. […]

The War On Cash – You Lose!

The War On Cash – You Lose! If you think the bankers in partnership with government have your best interests at heart, then you are a fool and deserve whatever you get, and more likely whatever you have taken away from you.  Of course there will be the chosen few who get to keep it […]

Where’s The Love?

In 2016, Obama dropped 100,000 bombs on the Mideast, plus who knows how many drone strikes?  The anti-war leftists, and Democrats (is there a difference?) chose to go on vacation during that year as well as the previous 7 years of war fomented by the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  There used to be […]

What Makes Your Opinion Valid?

  Opinions are as rampant as drug use or inflated dollars.  We have them, and yet, what makes anyone’s opinion valid, that is, having a sound defensible basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent – the dictionary definition?  Watch debates on TV, and hear all sorts of arguments that have many, and sometimes all […]