What Makes Your Opinion Valid?


Opinions are as rampant as drug use or inflated dollars.  We have them, and yet, what makes anyone’s opinion valid, that is, having a sound defensible basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent – the dictionary definition?  Watch debates on TV, and hear all sorts of arguments that have many, and sometimes all these qualities, and yet still lack validity!

What is missing is “objectivity”.   An opinion. if it is based upon the reason of Karl Marx, will have validity to Marxists, and if based upon B.F. Skinner will have validity to teacher’s unions, or if based upon Muhammad’s writings for Muslims.  All these so called “valid” opinions come from man, philosophers, politicians etc.  They do not all agree, and therefore, how do you reconcile the differences?  War and political power seem to be the most common and successful methods as solutions, although not final, and albeit painfully expensive and generally very unjust.

The only objective source of truth is God.  Maybe you don’t believe in God.  If not, then you by default become God to yourself unless you choose to worship and obey George Soros or Donald Trump.  The Scripture says that God created all things, and of course unbelieving man says it all happened by chance.  Really?  Historically, the vast majority of humanity from all recorded history acknowledges a higher “being”.  Most of them call that “being” God.  The oldest writings come from the Jews whose Bible claims to be written by God.

Yes, in fact it was humans who put pen to paper, but it was God who put spirit and knowledge into the heart of the writer.  The Bible has credibility because it exposes the weaknesses and sins of its heroes.  Does another book do that?  Read it, and weep!

–  Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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