Daily Archives: February 2, 2017

Rare Full Length Movie You’re Guaranteed To Enjoy

  IMBD Review of Brotherhood of the Bell The below link is just a short teaser with excerpts.  If you want the full length video, then go to the below Amazon link to buy it – you will not regret it. Amazon Link To Buy The Video Teaser Brotherhood of the Bell This 1970 movie, […]

20 Questions About Islam The Left Can’t Answer!

  20 questions for the left regarding Muslims The above link will shred the hypocrisy of those who say Islam is a religion of peace.  It will provide 20 questions that the left cannot and will not answer, because hypocrites have no answer for their hypocrisy – they can only get indignant and walk off […]

Six Minute Video Shows Futility of Letting into America Poor Immigrants!

  Six minute video shows the futility of letting in the poor immigrants to America If you haven’t figured it out already, the immigration policy pushed and approved by the George Soros’s of the world and other corrupt billionaire traitors to America and facilitated by their Mafia lieutenants in the Congress, is all very carefully […]