Urgent Denver News Flash!!!



A Park Hill Resident got neighbors to order 650 yard signs to say how much they hate hate, and that refugees are welcome in the sanctuary city of Denver.  A few things were overlooked:

One, there was no mention of any of these liberal Park Hill residents taking any of these refugees into their own personal homes.

Two, although they raised $1000 for the refugees, that won’t take care of all of them for more than a couple of days at best, and in the meantime, no mention of how to pay for these people long term was discussed, but we know the hard working people of Denver will pay for them, and of course the Federal government and State of Colorado if they can be hoodwinked also.

Three, when the Jihad, violence, rape, unsustainable welfare burden, and terror starts, no mention was made of how to deal with it.

Four, no objection was raised to having to live under Sharia law, while we know these same people hate the Bible and Biblical law which is much more merciful.

Five, no health exams were discussed to protect against the spreading of exotic and incurable diseases.

Six, no acknowledgment was made that the law was being violated, and Denver could be subject to loss of Federal funds which would put just that much more of a burden on the people of Denver – many of whom want nothing to do with this insanity.

It was a typical love fest of warm fuzzy feelings that are not shared by all, but are shared by the treasonous lying media and the liberal, hypocritical, unprincipled, ignorant airheads that believe everything the media says, and their feeble minds and hearts cause them to thoughtlessly gush forth like vomit from a drunk.

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