Illegals Calling For Killing More Police!

This man holding the sign is making an overt threat to “kill more police” if…. If what?  If you and I, we Americans, don’t give him a free ride for the rest of his life!  Can you handle that?

Why is he not being arrested?  Why do we as a nation allow people to incite riots and commit seditious acts toward overthrowing the government.  Is there no limit on “Free Speech”?  Can you call for assassinating the President of the U.S. today?  Apparently so, as it has been done overtly and covertly around the world over the last few weeks.  Can you yell “fire” in a crowded theater?  Just remember, if liberals didn’t have a double standard, they’d have no standard at all!

And, remember, wealthy billionaires are behind a lot of the revolutionary action that’s now taking place, and our leaders are taking money from them, and so are the radicals in the street.  Ask your leaders what they’re doing about this, and if they are complicit which in many cases they are, and in others they’re ignorant, and some just don’t care.

Ignorance is bliss until the ax falls, and inaction only encourages the enemy.  Here are some links to learn more about the strategies being applied to overthrow America.  Copy and paste into your search engine if need be:,_antithesis,_synthesis


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