Illegal Stabs Man & Eats His Liver


Illegal Immigrant Stabs Man 89 Times & Eats His Liver 1 Hr. 31 Min on Video – Hey What’s Wrong With That?

If this vile activity (see link above) is o.k. with you, then just sit back and relax, but if it’s not o.k. with you, why don’t you let the media know it, let your political leaders know it, let your FB & Twitterites know it, and let the whole wide sky know it, because if you do not speak out, then it will only get much, much worse – it may even  be you next time!

Credit to Mike Rivero and What Really Happened Show

It should be duly noted that Mike Rivero is a recovering liberal, and has a ways to go yet, although his show is very informative and entertaining.

Quip of the day – If liberals didn’t have a double standard, then they’d have no standard at all!

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