Love Trumps Hate Which Trumps Trump


         How many peas can a pea picker put in a peck puking & puckering as he picks?                                                                             (Nonsense?  You bet!)

                                                    Liberal Love – See What Nonsense It Is 

Love trumps hate?  I guess there’s a new definition of love – “Liberal Love” maybe?  Liberal Love is if you hate conservatives, Trump supporters, and anyone with whom you disagree; then you are showing “Liberal Love”!  Liberal Love is blaming everything on George Bush (a Neocon traitor) while not letting Trump use that same excuse as Obama did for eight years.  Liberal Love is loving yourself at the expense of loving others.  Liberal Love is committing violence against anyone with whom you disagree.  Liberal Love is talking the walk and walking the B.S.!  Liberal Love is holding strictly to a double standard, and we all know that if liberals didn’t have a double standard, they’d have no standard at all!  Liberal Love is blocking the road to progress if progress is rolling back Fascism, Dictatorship, Communism, Socialism,  and Big, Unaffordable, Totalitarian, Overbearing, Oppressive, Constantly Telling You What To Do Government!  Liberal Love is believing liberal lies and the politicians behind them.  Liberal Love is spending your neighbor’s hard earned money (or savings) on what you think is best while keeping your own money for what you want.  Liberal Love is being sycophants to the central bankers and their collection agents the I.R.S.  Liberal Love is believing everything the liberal leftist corporate media tells you.  Liberal Love is accepting everything the left tells you and rejecting everything that anyone else tries to tell you.  Liberal Love is supporting the corporate “Fake News”.  Liberal Love is supporting child molesters, perverts, criminals and anyone who violates long established laws, Biblical morality and/or principles.  Liberal Love is holding everyone else to higher standard.  Liberal Love is not extending any true kindness or credibility to hard working, honest people trying to survive in the miserable world they’ve created.  Liberal Love is destroying America, the Constitution and freedom.  Liberal Love is death warmed over.  Liberal Love is hostility toward unbelievers – that is unbelieving liberals!  Liberal Love is  a large serving of bovine excrement!

And, if you’re a liberal reading this, then be sure and get all emotional and irrational and walk off in a huff without considering the facts of the matter, or the other person’s view.  That’s Liberal Love too!


– Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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