Daily Archives: October 6, 2017

Video – Mike Rivero Punches More Holes In The Lies Being Told About The Las Vegas Shooting! Did You Know That Mandalay Bay Has Alarms That Go Off If A Window Is Broken? Look Closer!!!!!

  Hey, it only took 72 minutes for the SWAT team to show up.  Great response time huh? Las Vegas Lies – They Want Your Guns

16 Minute Video – Cui Bono? Who Benefits From Las Vegas Shooting? Food For Thought – Checking Into A Hotel In America May Be Worse Than TSA At The Airport!!!!

  You’re being lied to.  Somebody has to benefit from the Las Vegas Shooting.  Some black op government thugs did the dirty work, for the politicians who will now do the dirty work for the bankers so that we lose more freedom and privacy.  Sacrifice liberty for security and have neither. Cui Bono – Las […]