I Am An Abolitionist!


An impassioned, well reasoned, well documented, well articulated position worth considering:

I am an abolitionist


I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Who do I believe Jesus is? He is the only begotten of the Father, the Alpha and the Omega, the Great I Am, the Holy One of Israel. He is God the Son – the Creator of the Universe. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and only through Him must all of mankind go to get to the Father. His earthly mother conceived Him supernaturally by the Holy Spirit. Though He was like us in all things, He lived a completely sinless life, meeting all of the righteous requirements of God’s Law. Though He was completely innocent, He willingly laid down His life on a cruel Roman instrument of torture on Calvary. There, God was pleased to crush His own Son as all of His wrath for sin was poured out on Jesus. Tetelestai! The Innocent One died so that all men, in believing in Him and placing their faith in Christ alone, though they are truly deserving of God’s wrath, may have eternal life.

Jesus gave us commandments. He commanded us to love God and our neighbor. He commanded us to make disciples of all nations. He commanded us to love one another as He has loved us. I believe He demonstrated this perfectly in the Cross. He said that there is no greater form of love on this earth than for us to lay down our very lives for others. I believe that the converse is also true: The greatest act of hate in this world, according to Jesus, is that a person would lay down another person’s life so that theirs could continue. The worst form of that hateful act is practiced in this land daily by thousands: mothers killing their own children. Child sacrifice.

I am an Abolitionist. As a follower of Jesus Christ, who abolished sin and death, I am to also be abolishing evils, as we are to be walking in His footsteps. The entire reason Jesus Christ (who is the God-Man) appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. God uses means to accomplish His will on earth, and I believe His primary means that He uses is His called-out ones; the Church of the Living God.

So, who are the Abolitionists? When great evils arise in the course of human history and become legally sanctioned, socially normalized, and morally justified, Abolitionists are those who stand up and speak out against them. Abolitionists are those who adopt an uncompromising spirit in the face of prevailing injustices. Abolitionists are those who seek to expose evils for what they are and work diligently to bring about their lawful abrogation and cultural dissolution. As the term was defined succinctly by the nineteenth century abolitionist of slavery Thomas Clarkson: an abolitionist is someone who “undertakes the removal of evils.” Abortion is today’s great evil, and we aim to remove it!

Abolitionists embrace a certain bold posture in the face of evil and utterly reject the widely accepted, largely ignored, or complacently permitted injustices that most people choose to ignore. Abolitionists make a point of bringing darkness out into the light of day, or rather, of shining light in the darkness that is already there.

In the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Abolitionists like ourselves brought the evil of the British slave trade (man-stealing) and American chattel slavery (dehumanizing a person to the level of a beast) into conflict with the practice of true Christianity. Today we are seeking to bring the practice of human abortion (modern day child sacrifice) into full blown conflict with true Christianity. The first abolitionists were told to keep their moral and religious beliefs to themselves and were rejected as impractical fools, zealots, and incendiary fanatics. We hear the same thing today, ….but we believe that not to speak out against abortion when it is clearly believed to be an evil, is itself evil. And not to act against it, is to act for it.

Abolitionists desire to shine as lights in this present darkness and make ourselves seen and heard in this apathetic culture of child-killing-tolerance and abortion-as-birth-control complacency. We are against the world, for the world; and though we live in the world, we do not orient our lives around its principles. We are not concerned with fitting in and remaining friends with those who think pre-born children are expendable and that we are not allowed to cry aloud for our neighbors who are being taken away to be slaughtered on an altar of convenience. We could not care less about being labeled fanatics and fundamentalists by those who think that scraping a baby into pieces is the key to female liberation or those who agree with us and call themselves “prolifers” yet remain far more interested in football and keeping up with reality television.

Most people, even good “pro-life” Christian people, are far too sensitive and socially insecure to speak their mind about such a controversial “issue” except when they are safe within the confines of their church, family, or circle of pro-life friends. People who are more concerned with personal peace and affluence need not call themselves abolitionists. Indeed, those who will not discuss abortion in the public square are not just failing to be abolitionists, they are failing to be Christians who “shine as lights in the midst of this crooked and twisted generation.”

We believe that abortion is an abomination in the eyes of God and an injustice to the rights of man as made in His image. Toleration of abortion is utterly inconsistent with the revealed will of God:

What the Word of God says about the shedding of innocent blood: Genesis 4:9-12; Leviticus 18:21, 20:1-5; Deuteronomy 19:10, 27:25-26; 2 Kings 21:5-6, 10-12, 16, 24:2-4; Psalm 106:37-40; Proverbs 1:10-19, 6:16-19; Jeremiah 19:2-6; Joel 3:19; Amos 1:13-15; 1 John 3:11-12, 15

What the Word of God says about injustice and oppression: Genesis 18:17-19; Deuteronomy 10:17-19; Psalm 42:1-4, 89:14, 106:3, 140:12, 146:7; Proverbs 1:3, 21:3, 7, 12-13, 15; Isaiah 1:16-17; Isaiah 51:4, 56:1; Jeremiah 9:23-24, 22:3, 33:14-18; Ezekiel 18:5-9; Amos 5:14-15; Micah 6:8; Ephesians 5:6-12

What the Word of God says about the neglect of justice: Deuteronomy 27:19; Isaiah 1:23, 5:3-7, 59:7-17; Jeremiah 5:1-2, 26-29; Micah 6:9-12; Habakkuk 1:1-11; Matthew 23:23-24; Mark 12:38-40; Luke 11:42, 20:45-47

How the Word of God defines pure and undefiled religion: Deuteronomy 14:28-29, 24:16-22, 26:12-13; Job 29:12-17, 31:16-22; Jeremiah 22:16-17; Zechariah 7:8-10; Luke 10:25-37; James 1:27

Abolitionism is the Christian response to entrenched evils. What drives abolitionism is a desire to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8). We seek to correct oppression, bring justice to the fatherless and help to the helpless (Isaiah 1:16-17). Our desire is to consistently practice what the New Testament calls pure and undefiled religion: to look after the orphaned and widows in their affliction, and to keep ourselves unstained by the world (James 1:27 ). We long to rightly “hate evil, love good, and establish justice in the gate” (Amos 5:15).

We are simply attempting to answer the question: What does Christianity look like in a culture that kills its children? And then put our answer into action. We are simply seeking to keep the command to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 19:19). God is a rescuer, a deliverer. And we are his disciples. Of course we are to follow him in this work. The goal of all abolitionist movements is the redemption of man from the dominion of man. We are members of the Body and Bride of Christ and thus, the abolitionist movement is a work of the church. We are the part of the body that is awake to this evil and seeking to rouse the rest of our members to action. We seek to awaken the indifferent, arrest the apathetic, and rouse the regenerate to join in the fight against abortion. We aim to undermine prevalent streams of misinformation propped up by abortion defenders in our culture designed to justify abortion or encourage the toleration of its occurrence. Abolitionists seek to contrast two competing visions of the world in order to demonstrate how one view, the Christian view, centered on God, leads to the Humane and dignified treatment of human beings, while the other view, centered on man, leads to the inhumane and undignified treatment of human beings. We seek to consistently demonstrate in both word and deed the vast differences between a worldview centered on the Cross of Christ and a worldview centered on the service of self.

Scriptural justification for why we go to the people of God first and exhort them to act against injustice Psalm 84:1-4; Jeremiah 7:1-7; Ezekiel 6:1-7, 34:1-10; Nehemiah 13:23-25; Micah 3:1-12, 6:4-6; John 2:13-17; Titus 3:14

How the word of God describes people who know God: Those who will take action! Numbers 13:27-33; Esther 4:13-14; Daniel 11:32; Micah 5:7-9; Zechariah 9:13-16, 10:3-6

As an abolitionist, I am part of a gospel driven movement. The Gospel alone possesses the power and promise to transform the lives of those travailing in sin and the desperations and addictions which lead to abortion. The Gospel alone possesses the power to redeem the rightfully damned, restore the disregarded, reform the reckless, lift up the despairing, and rescue this sinful culture from its deathly addiction to sin and self that has grown out of our rebellion to God.

Abolitionism is not a front for the Gospel. It is an outflowing from the Gospel; one of the ways that the Gospel transforms a culture that kills its unborn children.

The Gospel is not simply, “Jesus died for your sins, believe in Him and now your saved.” The Gospel is God’s story of the redemption of man from the dominion of death as a result of the life, death, and resurrection of the Son of God. Christ came not only to die that you might have a personal relationship with Him but also to redeem a fallen world and hopeless people who were destined for death and slaves to sins and debtors of a justified death which Jesus Christ risen from the grave abolished once and for all in order that men might not perish but have everlasting life in relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The proclamation of the Gospel is proceeded by the declaration that humanity is bent beyond self-repair and in need of a savior. Before the Good news is embraced we must talk about the bad news and define what is and what is not rebellion to God and what he demands of those whom he calls to repent.

The great evil of human abortion must be abolished, not only prohibited by law. Abolitionists aim to transform this wicked culture and society, by the grace of God, with the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah and His holy law. His law informs us that murder is evil. To all those who repent of the wickedness of their heart, thoughts, and actions, and who put their trust solely in Jesus, the Gospel of Jesus offers forgiveness, eternal life, and freedom from sin. The Lord Jesus, who chose to leave the glory of Heaven, who came to Earth as an embryo, who grew up clothed in human flesh, who taught truth, love, and grace, who died on the cross at the hands of evil men who desired to preserve their own power, and who rose victoriously from the dead on the third day as He had predicted, is the focus of the abolitionist’s life and work. It is out of love for Him that we also love our neighbor as ourselves, as He commanded.

We are committed to an unfettered, untainted, uncompromising adherence to the Good news that Jesus Christ is Lord of heaven and earth and stepped down into space-time-history to redeem a lost, wandering, and wicked people from sin, certain death, and eternal separation from God. We are abolitionists because we have been adopted by God. Our work is biblically mandated and sovereignly ordained. We are called to be salt and light in a sin-darkened, and death-addicted world; we are commanded to care for the fatherless and bring justice to the oppressed and preyed-upon. We have been exhorted to expose deeds of darkness, and destroy all speculations raised up against the knowledge of God. We are exhorted to rescue the weak from death, snatch the falling from flames, and hold back the stumbling from the slaughter.

Supreme above all philosophies, all isms and ideologies, is the fullness of the Gospel of God; (that God himself stepped down into human history as Jesus Christ, conceived in the womb of a young unmarried woman who did not choose to be with child or plan on being a mother, to live a sinless life before wicked man whom he came to die for, and redeem from the just wrath of God against sinners. It is the will of God that all men might come to know Him, and in the fullness of time, Christ Jesus has made this possible). The Gospel above all else possesses the capacity to mobilize human action, motivate moral behavior, and mandate consistent compassionate social justice. It is the answer to all of societies ills and injustices. It is the bulwark against an ever increasing inhumanity of man against man. It is the Gospel alone that will end human oppression and redeem mankind from the dominion of evil powers and sinful man. It is the wellspring of love, hope, and joy. The actual foundation for justice. And the real answer to abortion.

Modern-day Abolitionists were not the first Christians to fight the evil of abortion. The first Abolitionists of Abortion were the first Christians. Though they did not employ the term “Abolitionist,” the earliest followers of Christ certainly engaged in the work of exposing and removing grave evils and assisting those caught up in them. As the early church spread out in the ancient world proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, they consistently set themselves in bold opposition to their godless culture’s widespread adoption of practices which shed innocent blood (gladiator games, infanticide, euthanasia, child-abandonment, and abortion). They rescued discarded babies from the trash heaps and river ways of Rome. They set up orphanages and hospitals. They tore down infanticide shrines and drove out abortionist guilds. They petitioned their rulers to outlaw their culture’s acceptable forms of child-sacrifice. And they succeeded. As history records, these Christians spread their message and its corresponding way of life so thoroughly that it led to the abolition of abortion, infanticide, child-abandonment, gladiator games, and many other dehumanizing practices engrained in ancient pagan culture.

Everywhere they went they brought the light of the Gospel to those dwelling in darkness. From the brothels to slave-markets, to demonic killing-centers and to the high-places which protected these practices, these “abolitionists” replaced their culture’s “way of death” with the “way of life” they were instructed to walk in by their risen Lord.

Everywhere these Christians went, they did not cease from teaching that Jesus had risen from the dead and that he had the power to forgive sinners (Acts 5:42). And in everything these Christians did, they demonstrated the new life they found in Him, and lived according to His teachings before the watching world. Christians worked against infanticide by prohibiting their members from practicing it, by voicing their opposition to it boldly before the pagan world, and by providing for the relief of the poor and adopting children who had been left to die by exposure by their pagan parents. The Church that Christ established on earth focused on teaching people to love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds, and to love their neighbors as themselves. They brought the teachings of Christ into conflict with with their culture of death by living in accordance with it.

We see this in the oldest known Christian catechism, the Didache (2nd century A.D.). As the Didache begins, “there are two ways, one of life and one of death; and between the two ways there is a great difference.” The document contrasts the world’s system of morality and its treatment of human beings with the teachings of the Apostles, and demonstrates how a man-centered way of life leads to death, and a Christ-centered way of life leads to life and joy eternal. Though little is known about the daily work these first Abolitionists carried out to put an end to the legalized forms of child-sacrifice taking place in Rome, we do know of some bodies of believers who did rise up and remove the evil of abortion from their midst. Consider the church pastored by the fourth century scholar and church father Basil of Caesarea.

Despite his active role as a teaching pastor and church administrator, Basil led a group of committed Christians into constant confrontation with the pagan practices of abortion, infanticide, and child-abandonment running rampant in the pagan culture of his day. When Basil discovered a guild of abortionists working in Caesarea, he immediately set to work on abolishing its occurrence, both legally and culturally. He railed against the monstrous practice of child-killing from his pulpit, staged public protests of the abortionists and their financiers, tore down ancient infanticide shrines on the outskirts of the city, and mobilized the body of believers under his care to cut down the number of abortions occurring in their community as they sought to provide help to betrayed women facing what we would label today as “crisis pregnancies”. All the while, Basil set his scholarly mind on various legal and educational reforms that challenged, and eventually abrogated, the laws permitting abortion and infanticide in his city along with the cultural norms that undergird their approval. Basil’s condemnation of culturally approved child-killing was unequivocal. And he did not just preach against abortion; he took action and led his flock to follow him as he did so.

The following quotations document the early church’s position on abortion:

Here are two ways, one of life and one of death, but a great difference between the two ways. -Didache 1:1 (90AD)

And the second commandment of the Teaching; You shall not commit murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not commit pederasty, you shall not commit fornication, you shall not steal, you shall not practice magic, you shall not practice witchcraft, you shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is born. -Didache 2:1-2 (90AD)

Thou shalt not doubt whether a thing shall be or not be. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain. Thou shalt love thy neighbor more than thine own soul. Thou shalt not murder a child by abortion, nor again shalt thou kill it when it is born. Thou shalt not withhold thy hand from thy son or daughter, but from their youth thou shalt teach them the fear of God. -The Epistle of Barnabas19:5 (130AD)

And when we say that those women who use drugs to bring on abortion commit murder, and will have to give an account to God for the abortion, on what principle should we commit murder? For it does not belong to the same person to regard the very foetus in the womb as a created being, and therefore an object of God’s care, and when it has passed into life, to kill it; and not to expose an infant, because those who expose them are chargeable with child-murder, and on the other hand, when it has been reared to destroy it. But we are in all things always alike and the same, submitting ourselves to reason, and not ruling over it. -Athenagoras of Athens, Embassy (177AD)

There are some women who, by drinking medical preparations, extinguish the source of the future man in their very bowels. So they commit murder before they bring forth–and this about infanticide and child exposure: And I see that you at one time expose your begotten children to wild beasts and to the birds; at another that you crush when strangled with a miserable kind of death… And these things assuredly come down from your gods. For Saturn did not expose his children but devoured them. -Minucius Felix, The Octavius(200AD)

Among surgeons’ tools there is a certain instrument that is formed with a nicely-adjusted flexible frame for first of all opening the uterus and then keeping it open. It also has a circular blade, by means of which the limbs within the womb are dissected with careful, but unflinching care. Its last appendage is a blunted or covered hook, by which the entire fetus is extracted by a violent delivery. There is also a copper needle or spike, by which the actual death is brought about in this treacherous robbery of life. From its infanticide function, they give it the name, “killer of the infant”—which infant, of course, had once been alive. -Tertullian, De Anima 25 (209AD)

Women who were reputed to be believers began to take drugs to render themselves sterile, and to bind themselves tightly so as to expel what was being conceived, since they would not, on account of relatives and excess wealth, want to have a child by a slave or by any insignificant person. See, then, into what great impiety that lawless one has proceeded, by teaching adultery and murder at the same time! -Hippolytus, Refutation of All Heresies (228AD)

When God forbids us to kill, he not only prohibits us from open violence, which is not even allowed by the public laws, but he warns us against the commission of those things which are esteemed lawful among men.. Therefore, let no one imagine that even this is allowed, to strangle newly-born children, which is the greatest impiety; for God breathes into their souls for life, and not for death. But men, that there may be no crime with which they may not pollute their hands, deprive [unborn] souls as yet innocent and simple of the light which they themselves have not given. “Can anyone, indeed, expect that they would abstain from the blood of others who do not abstain even from their own? But these are, without any controversy, wicked and unjust. -Lactantius, Divine Institutes 6:20 (307AD)

Let her that procures abortion undergo ten years’ penance, whether the embryo were perfectly formed, or not. -Basil of Caesarea, First Canonical Epistle, Canon II (374 AD)

He that kills another with a sword, or hurls an axe at his own wife and kills her, is guilty of wilful murder; not he who throws a stone at a dog, and undesignedly kills a man, or who corrects one with a rod, or scourge, in order to reform him, or who kills a man in his own defence, when he only designed to hurt him. But the man, or woman, is a murderer that gives a philtrum, if the man that takes it die upon it; so are they who take medicines to procure abortion; and so are they who kill on the highway, and rapparees. -Basil of Caesarea, First Canonical Epistle, Canon VIII (375AD)

Abortion is not a peripheral issue. The evil of abortion will be overcome by the people of God empowered by His Spirit to conquer deeds of darkness “by the blood of the Lamb, and the Word of their testimony, for they love not their lives even unto death.” (Rev. 12:11) Just as Christians in 19th century America would have been hypocritical and callous to hold an anti-slavery position yet do nothing to end the practice, we believe that all Christians are called to the non-violent task of working to end abortion rather than merely believing that abortion is wrong. “…Faith, if it hath not works, is dead” (James 2:17).

If we love our preborn neighbors as we love ourselves, we will not rest until abortion is abolished. We will not cease to agitate our culture and assist our neighbors until the blood of the most helpless and innocent members of our society ceases to flow as a river through this land.

Abolition is carried out by provoking a clash between the ways of God and the ways of man.

Abolitionists throughout history have not been driven by a secular impulse for social justice. We have always understood ourselves to be called by God to live as “Holy Warriors” raised up against the greatest evils of our age. We have embraced the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our sure foundation. We seek to be obedient to the great Abolitionist of death who broke our bonds to sin, set us free, and gave us new life in Him and commissioned us to bring his Gospel into all the world subduing all pain, darkness, death, until He comes again.

Duty is ours, the results are God’s. We do not place our trust in “chariots or warhorses” the pragmatic schemes and political “wisdom” of men. We do not put our trust in numbers or the purported power of pluralistic appeals. We scorn the incrementalist approaches preferred by faithless men. Our allegiance is to Christ alone and we stand upon His word alone. By faith we are overcoming the world as He is destroying every work of the devil.

“You lived on the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence. You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter” JAMES 5:5


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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