Video – Listen To Newscaster Say More Than Once That There’s “Two” Shooters In Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Incident – There’s Reason To Doubt The “Official” Narrative!!!


Go to 21 minutes 50 seconds on the video, and listen to the newscaster say that there are “two possibly more” shooters.  Again, at 25 minutes and 40 seconds, the newscaster reiterates “two shooters”.  At 42 minutes and 30 seconds, a “suspicious vehicle” is mentioned.  At 43 minutes 45 seconds multiple shooters confirmed by police.  This video was done by a couple of guys with an interesting vantage point at another hotel where they were guests.  They also observe activity at Shooters bar and restaurant where dozens of ambulances are hauling people away.  There’s a cover up, and this is just one more nail in the coffin of the “official” narrative.The investigation is rigged – the F.B.I. took over immediately, and it’s not in their jurisdiction to do so.  The F.B.I. is very good at cover ups – just see what James Comey did for Hillary.  See link below:

Newscaster Says “Multiple Shooters”


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