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Ranting About The Way It Is!

              Ranting About The Way It Is           We’re the land of the freeloaders                  And the home of the slave            As we pay thieves who are taxers,             […]

Legislation In Oregon Is Considering Allowing The Jury To Be Informed Of Their Right To Apply Their Conscience!

  httpwww.disneyclips.comimagesnewbpinocchio-jiminy.html Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Oprah Winfrey For President – Surely You Jest!

This linked article will add some perspective: Polls Favor Oprah Wnfrey For President – Really?

Two Minute Mockery Of CNN – Funny!

  Mocking of CNN

What Do YOU Know?

  You know you exist!  Or, at least you think you know that you exist.  Philosophers struggle with basic things like that.  Descartes said; “I think, therefore I am!”.  What Descartes was exhibiting was reason.  Man can reason from his thoughts and come to all sorts of conclusions.  What makes those conclusions have any validity […]