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For Christians Only!

Enjoy this link:   Voddie Baucham – For Christians Only

March 15th Commences The Debt Ceiling Debate In Congress – Smoke & Mirrors See This Video That’s 10 Minutes For A Greater Understanding – Info Comes Directly From the Federal Reserve’s Own Web Site!!!

  Anybody who knows anything knows that America is run by a private cartel of bankers whose front man is the Federal Reserve Chairman, and who is unaccountable to Congress although they’d like you to believe otherwise.  If you control a nation’s money, you control the nation – that’s why nothing makes sense in Congress […]

Foreign Aid – Who Does It Aid?

  Looking at the picture of military men handing out pallets of cash ($100 bills – $10 million per pallet), has to make you wonder what’s going on.  What is foreign aid anyway?  If you go by the words, it means helping people not of your own nation.  That’s exactly what the establishment leftists want […]

Hypocrisy Of Search Engines

It occurred to me that our thoughts are manipulated in many ways.  So I thought I’d check out my search engine.  I gave up on Google, and set up Yandex, although Google has the primary dominance in all that’s carried on the WEB. I decided to do two searches for objectivity and openness.  The first […]

I Invite You To Comment As Long As It Is Reasoned & Civil

  The free exchange of ideas is critical to intellectual honesty, and a civil society.  We must never fear speaking our minds.  Nobody has a monopoly on truth.  Many years ago I was bound up in my ideology and my political affiliation.  From my BLOG, you will see a wide variety of interests.  I do […]