Daily Archives: March 8, 2017

Obama & Holder – Busted! For Treason!

  Giving government money to organizations such as La Raza is criminal.  La Raza is Spanish for The Race.  It is a militant Communist organization that has called for Mexico to take back California, Arizona, parts of Texas, Colorado and Nevada.  Lying, cheating, stealing, terrorism, and any other terroristic deceptive practice is just fine for […]

Black Muslim Does Bomb Threats To Jews & He Blames Trump

  False flags come in different colors and varieties.  The corporate media will not give you the details of this miscreant, so see the link below. Leftist Black Muslim Journalist Bombed Jews Blames Trump

Now’s A Great Time To Buy A Car, But…

  …don’t get one with automatic steering, braking and acceleration.  If Michael Hastings (pictured above) were still alive, he would be the first to concur.   You see, Michael Hastings was an investigative journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine, and he was on to some very corrupt activities (nothing new) of the CIA.  He told friends […]

Free Slaves – Thought Provoking Video

  Free Slaves