Foreign Aid – Who Does It Aid?


Looking at the picture of military men handing out pallets of cash ($100 bills – $10 million per pallet), has to make you wonder what’s going on.  What is foreign aid anyway?  If you go by the words, it means helping people not of your own nation.  That’s exactly what the establishment leftists want you to believe.  It’s a pithy term to make you feel warm and fuzzy.  But, what is reality  U.S. Foreign Aid?

Firstly, the money, for the most part, if not totally, goes to the governments, not to the people of the nation receiving the “aid”.  Yes, there may be a couple of exceptions, but you’d be hard pressed to find them.  So, if that’s the case, then what is the purpose of foreign aid?  Ah, here’s the rub.  As a foreign government, Israel being the one exception, maybe, you cannot receive foreign aid from the U.S. unless you follow certain protocols.

Now, I have only primafacie evidence, but logic would dictate that it is imperative that the government on the receiving end must return a portion of that money to the corrupt Congressmen and U.S. President who implemented the distribution of the funds to them in the first place, so that they will provide more the next year.  Of course, that is a self-perpetuating syndrome that bleeds American taxpayers dry.

Not only that, but it creates an association that leads to foreign intervention politically, and also as regards relations with the neighbors of the recipients – such as war!  Of course, if one of our friends receiving foreign aid gets into a war, we must take sides, provide war materials, and even more foreign aid.  Indeed, if it gets ugly enough, we’ll have to provide the blood of our sons and daughters through “boots on the ground”.

Foreign aid props up evil dictators, or at least very tyrannical dictators and very authoritarian leaders.  Of course, the people suffer under this abuse, and ultimately they rise up in revolt, and put pressure on the government.  Then we have “freedom fighters” that need aid, and the U.S. gets to manage both sides of the conflict.  This also gives the U.S. justification for overthrowing the existing leadership if they’ve stepped out of line, which they often do.  Nobody really likes being a sycophantic, obsequious tool for another entity – especially if it is antithetical to the culture in which he lives.

Ah, but we’re making the world safe for democracy you say (they say), so it is justifiable to steal from the American taxpayer and give to people he doesn’t know, in countries he’s never heard of, with cultures that are violently opposed to that poor taxpayer’s homeland and culture.  And, who do we ultimately have to thank for all of this plethora of perfidious, pernicious, pandering purveyed as pulchritude?  You guessed it – the bankers!  Those too big to fail thieves (goniffs if you will) who control our money printing, and print just as much as they want.  They finance both sides of every war so they end up with the indebtedness of the victor and the spoils of war from the loser, and their hands never get dirty, nor do their children ever suffer in war.  The politicians love the free money, because they can buy votes to get reelected.

If you know the Constitution, then you know the definition of money and the limits on our government which are being ignored.  The following are previous posts you may find interesting and relevant:



– Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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