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Pensiamento Figured It Out! Here’s How It Will Go Down In Venezuela!

  Maduro is under attack by the U.S. government which is a billy club for the Federal Reserve, the International banksters, the Military Industrial Complex, the oil industry and the mining companies.  They want to steal the natural resources of Venezuela, because having taxpayer funded government agents and paid subversives (Hezbollah, ISIS, etc.) do the […]

Video – Money Out Of Nothing – G. Edward Griffin & The Creature From Jekyll Island – The World’s Greatest Ripoff & You Are A Victim!

Money Out Of Nothing!   You are a victim, and you don’t probably even know it.  Cost of living going up?  That’s one of the most corrupt and insidious taxes upon the people – it’s called inflation which is defined as the increase of the money supply.  When you can create money out of nothing, you […]

6 Minute Video – F.B.I. Raids Clinton Foundation Whistleblower’s Home!

  F.B.I. Raids Clinton Foundation Whistleblower’s Home!  Will some truth finally come out about Hillary’s collusion/treason with the Russians? Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! http://www.touchstoneconnect.com Subscribe […]

Why Is America Making Itself Odious To The World? See A List Of Movers & Shakers In The World Who Are Behind It All. A Pensiamento Point!

  America not only appears to be headed up by deranged war mongers, but it also seems to be in a self-destruct mode.  With the Iraq wars taking the lives of over 1 million Iraqi’s, one has to wonder who benefited? It’s clear that the military industrial complex had to benefit because of all the […]

24 Questions About The Constitution That Every American Should Be Able To Answer!

  Q: Has the Constitution always guided the country? A: No. Originally the nation functioned under the Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation. But after 11 years under the Articles, the U.S. Constitution was written, agreed to, and ratified by nine states (all eventually ratified but only nine were needed to have it take […]

2 Minute Video – Reconcile Bill Gates’ Comment That Vaccines “Reduce Population”! How – Sterilizing Women Without Their Consent Or Knowledge?

  Bill Gates – Evil At Its Worst!  This guy has too much money and power, and like George Soros and other evil billionaires (not all billionaires are evil necessarily), they want to play God!  How is saving kids from diseases going to lower the population growth?  Do vaccines sterilize women?  Do vaccines cause death?  Do […]

Do Socialists Know What Socialism Is?

  At the end of this article is a list of types of governments. After World War II, the government school system started to promote “Social Studies”.  Since home schooling became a popular alternative to government school indoctrination, the lament has been that home school students don’t get “sufficient socialization”.  So what is “social”.  It […]

Why Is Israel So Prosperous?

AICE is American Israel Cooperative Enterprise, and by their own admission, the total funds provided to Israel by U.S. taxpayers as recently as 2017 equals $134 billion!  The population of Israel is 8.5 million.  Divide $134 billion dollars by 8.5 million, and you get $15,764 and change per man woman and child in Israel.  Let’s […]

Israeli Former Defense Minister Admits To ISIS Collaboration – 2 1/2 Minutes

  The U.S. gives tens of billions of dollars to Israel every year!  That’s your tax money!!!  It’s being used so Israel can work with ISIS whom we are fighting supposedly, but we financed, equipped, and trained ISIS first before we started fighting them, and we set them up to overthrow Assad.  Are you getting the […]

Foreign Aid – Who Does It Aid?

  Looking at the picture of military men handing out pallets of cash ($100 bills – $10 million per pallet), has to make you wonder what’s going on.  What is foreign aid anyway?  If you go by the words, it means helping people not of your own nation.  That’s exactly what the establishment leftists want […]