Pensiamento Figured It Out! Here’s How It Will Go Down In Venezuela!


Maduro is under attack by the U.S. government which is a billy club for the Federal Reserve, the International banksters, the Military Industrial Complex, the oil industry and the mining companies.  They want to steal the natural resources of Venezuela, because having taxpayer funded government agents and paid subversives (Hezbollah, ISIS, etc.) do the dirty work, they can accomplish this quite successfully.

Here’s the gist of the trick.  Firstly, you must make all foreign governments dependent upon the dollar.  How do you do that?  It’s two fold; one you have the petro-dollar so nobody can buy oil without the dollar – that allows for massive inflation without overwhelming the American people with inflation.  Secondly, you give the corrupt leaders – the ones that will play ball with you – billions of dollars in foreign aid.

Now, what happens when a leader you’ve been supporting wants to get out of the slave camp and think and do for him/herself?  You have to create problems in the country.  You devalue their currency as far as you can.  You create insurgencies in their country and rioting in the streets.  Ah, but that’s not always enough, and here’s what Pensiamento has figured out!!!   Maduro has the military behind him – or so they say.  The problem comes when Maduro can no longer pay his military.  If the military is loyal to Maduro, and if they are committed to opposing the corrupt American government which is trying to overthrow Venezuela, then how will they survive if Maduro has no money to pay them?  The obvious answer is they are going to have to go rogue and start stealing from the people and raiding homes looking for sympathizers and agitators.  This will alienate people who were supporting Maduro, but not part of the military.  Once the military has become sufficiently corrupt, abusive, and odious to the people, then the masses will oppose Maduro without America lifting a finger.

The banksters, U.S. State Department, Fascist corporate cartel, and various secret and semi-secret societies pushing for one world government will succeed time and time again.  Of course the corrupt, lamestream fake news corporate bought and paid for media will make sure that the masses are sufficiently indoctrinated to support war, world government and U.S. interventionism to the point that they will vilify any poor sap who dares speak out against the corrupt American government and the scum that runs it from behind the scenes.  It’s a tried and true strategy that has been honed to such a fine point that it will take an act of the God of Creation to thwart their schemes.

Our future is in His hands, and we had, as a nation, better repent before the suffering is so overwhelming that the death toll, corruption, diseases, chaos etc. becomes so intense and all pervasive that you’ll be lucky to have order under your own roof – which may be taken away from you anyway.  Do a little THINKING, and you will see that it is the Socialist power mongers who support unbelievable and blatant hypocrisy and lies, homosexuality, no fault divorce, pedophilia, pederasty, legalized recreations drugs, fiat currency, inflation, lying media, high taxes, the United Nations, I.R.S., privacy violations, massive data gathering, war, CIA meddling in foreign governments, subsidizing favored industries and political groups, fornication, internationalism, sovereignty destroying treaties, massive and intrusive government regulations, global warming, foreign aid, licensing, control of your health, limits on your speech/opinions, mindless non-melodic head banging numbing “music”, government schools (indoctrination centers), open borders letting in terrorists and freeloaders, freeing, and/or letting into America, criminals, corruption politicians, telling you how to live etc. etc.  SOCIALISM SUCKS Ocasio Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Rothschilds, Rockefellers et. al.!!!

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