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With All That’s Happening & Very Rapidly Now, These Re-posts Seem Appropriate. Some Videos In The Posts May Have Been Deleted By Those Who May Have Been Exposed For Their Criminality & Treason

  The Slippery Slope – Step By Step Bipartisan Red Flag Laws May Go Federal! If So, It’s Well Down The Slippery Slope To Constitutional Government & Freedom Oblivion! 10 Year Old Boy Dances For Pedophile Faggots In New York Bar – Hey, What’s Not To Like? Mental Illness – Something To Think About! 1 In 6 Americans […]

Smart Homes – Not Necessarily Smart Except For The People Who Abuse Them At Your Expense!

  Smart Homes Are Not Necessarily So Smart    That’s the story from the head of I.B.M. security.  Did you know that having Alexa leaves you vulnerable because anything Alexa records in your home can be obtained by law enforcement and used in criminal prosecution, and that that has already happened?  Did you know that […]

U Vill B Vaccinated!!! Eefen Eef Eet Keels U!

  Forced Vaccinations  Remember the Disneyland measles outbreak in California a couple of years ago?  Well, even those who were vaccinated got the measles.  This article is a heads up that freedom to choose is about to go down the tubes – all for the perceived benefit of vaccines.  Follow the money – who makes […]

2 Minute Video – Black Woman & Trump Supporter Reads The Riot Act To Cudahy California’s City Council. She Didn’t Mince Any Words!!!

  Black Woman Speaks Out!  The leftist, Communist, Socialist hypocrite Democrats have managed to alienate Blacks, Legal Immigrants, Working people et. al., and so they must have more and more ignorant illegals. Related posts: Video – Black Conservatives Speaking Out – Won’t Let Democrats Bully Them Any More! Black Woman Exposes On Video The Lies Of […]