Daily Archives: January 2, 2019

Elizabeth Warren For President? Surely You Jest? Here’s Her Theme Song! Enjoy!

  Elizabeth Warren’s Theme Song For President!   Keep in mind that Elizabeth Warren’s claim to fame was her cover up of what happened to the TARP funds.  She was a stooge for the bankers, and she was appointed at their request to oversee those funds, and when inquired of by Congress, she could not answer […]

Are The Clinton’s Finally In Real Trouble? Listen To Dr. Dave Janda’s Explanation. Dave Janda Has Many Inside Connections Behind The Scenes.

Clinton’s In Real Trouble?  Dr. Dave Janda’s Bio so you know he has credibility on that of what he speaks.  Dr. Dave counseled numerous Federal organizations such as the F.B.I., NSA, CIA on how to avoid injuries.  He made, and kept, friends who keep him abreast of what’s going on that the FAKE NEWS MEDIA […]