Freedom In America – A Charade?


Based upon what the Constitution says, we are all equal in the eyes of the law, and the law is to protect our life, liberty and property (pursuit of happiness).

The first glaring contradiction is equal in the eyes of the law.  How many corporate executives and politicians have gotten a pass after they’ve committed felonious criminal activities?  They got away with them, and the “Corporate” media (represented by ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, PBS (yes “corporate”; PBS has very powerful corporate and secretive foundation sponsors – see who they are) won’t pursue them unless it is someone who is an iconoclast trying to stand up the the thugs of the New World Order.

As far as life, New York State just passed a law that up until full term, a baby may be aborted, and if born alive but not wanted, can be allowed to die.  Now there’s a genteel and civilized law if ever anyone saw.  Do you wonder if any of those who passed that law and/or promoted it would have been better off had their mothers aborted them?  This writer sure wonders.

The wealthy and powerful have their lives enhanced and protected; they have more freedom than one could imagine, and they have wealth unheard of in historical terms.  How about your life, liberty and property?  Do you feel safe as you walk down the street wherever you may go wearing a MAGA hat?  How safe do you feel in a foreign Muslim country like a “No Go” zone in Dearborn, Michigan USA when you are known as a Christian or American patriot?  Do you trust the good intentions of the pharmaceutical industry and their coercive thrust to force vaccinations on you?  Do you believe, as the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations say; 1 out of 6 Americans is mentally ill?  If so, will you end up being stripped of your rights and liberties and even property as you get committed to a mental institution or have forced psychotropic medications (profiting Big Pharma) to subdue you and your spirit?  Do you believe that those who until 1973  (the year the APA normalized homosexuality) were considered to have a mental disorder, are now normal – that is homosexuals (see link below).

Can you own property  – a house, condo or apartment?  Well, in a nominal way, but if you don’t pay rent to the government (property tax) on your house or condo, they can legally take it away and sell it for peanuts to cover the tax while you get nothing.  How about owning a car?  Yes, but you can’t use it unless you get it licensed and pay a tax for it.  And then, your use is closely scrutinized by traffic enforcement so you don’t drive too fast, always signal a lane change and so on.  Can you own, or even start a business if you want?  Maybe – if you get approval and licensed to have it and become willing to be a tax collector for the government if it’s a retail business, or be subject to all sorts of scrutiny and regulations if it is a wholesale or manufacturing business.  Additionally, you may be required to hire certain sorts of people without you’re having a choice.  You will also be required to provide certain benefits with which you may disagree.

Can you have and do with your money as you please.  Maybe – it depends.  Right now a Congressional legislator wants to have a “wealth” tax which means you can be taxed not only on income, but on what you own and have already paid tax on.  Can you have a bank account that is private?  No!  You must supply a social security number which immediately links you to FIN CEN (Financial Center) and the I.R.S. data bases, and subjects you to scrutiny if you withdraw too much money from your own account, or if you do it in a suspicious way that can be construed as “structuring” which is a type of money laundering.

Can you say whatever you want and believe?  Well, maybe depending upon whether it is politically correct.  If not, you can be silenced by thugs who will harass you, leftist/Communist lawyers who will sue you, street mobs that will intimidate you and maybe mob or brutalize you.  Whatever you do, don’t say anything bad about people’s sexual proclivities no matter how crazy or depraved!  Can you defend yourself?  Well, maybe, depending upon where you live, how you do it and with what you do it, and if the leftist authorities choose to let you do it, or get away with it after the fact.  Are you innocent until proven guilty?  One would like to think that, but many factors keep that from being a legitimate reality.  Do you have a right to a trial by jury?  Yes, unless you’re being charged as a terrorist.  The definition of a terrorist has declined dramatically as of recent years, and so, almost anyone who disagrees with the government, or even the conventional wisdom, can be considered a terrorist.  Can you take the 5th Amendment in a trial?  Maybe, but don’t count on it, and flimsy and uncorroborated evidence may well be accepted testimony against you if that happens.  Are you secure in your property from “unreasonable” searches and seizures?  Absolutely not!!!

So, are you free in America, of is that claim just a charade?

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