“…enemies foreign and domestic”


United States Constitution

Every elected official in the United States; at the Federal, state, municipal, and county levels ALL take an oath of office when they are installed into their office to which they have been elected.  In the oath, they swear to “uphold and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic“.

A foreign enemy is much easier to recognize.  Sadly, Americans tend to see all enemies as foreign.  What about domestic enemies; do they exist?  Domestic would be indicative, at the very least, of those who live among us.  In which case, that would include illegal immigrants who have infiltrated America under illegal entry and/or false pretenses.  It could be a narrower definition of actual citizens.  Either way, an enemy wishes ill upon those of America.

That in and of itself, is not enough to destroy America.  Those enemies must have help.  That help has to come from those who have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.  What it requires is treason.  Treason is an action that provides “aid and comfort” to our enemies as it says in the Constitution.  So, what is aid?  Would you include money as aid?  If so, then welfare and food stamps would certainly fall into that category.  What would you consider as comfort?  Do you think free education, medical care and housing subsidies would provide comfort?  What about the 18 Republican State Governors who are begging for more refugees – are they acting in America’s and their own state’s best interests?

If you agree to the above examples, then who has made that possible?  You guessed it – it’s the politicians, and most particularly, but not exclusively, the politicians that we voted for.  Therefore, if our politicians are providing aid and comfort to our enemies, and this writer acknowledges that not all illegal immigrants are enemies, then are they not guilty of treason?  Of what other acts of treason (giving aid and comfort) are our political leaders guilty?

Could foreign “aid” be another example?  Our government formally calls it “aid”, so there’s no denying it.  Let’s examine a few examples provided by our own U.S. government WEB sitePakistan, a less than friendly nuclear power that is causing problems for India, coddles terrorists, practices pedophilia, and oppresses its own population is in receipt of $304 Million from the generous taxpayers of America.  Afghanistan, where American troops are being murdered and with whom America has been in its longest war (18 years), and where the CIA runs a poppy growing society for illicit heroin for Europe and America where Americans overdose and die, criminal addicts murder, rob and steal etc. and taxpayers pay for the clean up.; Afghanistan gets $865 Million.  South Africa which is murdering white people and stealing their property is receiving $204 Million.  Somalia, a country that pirates American ships (see the movie and true story Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks), gets $286 Million.  It goes on if you want to check out the link above in this paragraph for further documentation.  And, of course, we have Iran to whom Obama at the tail end of his second term gave the Iranians $1.2 Billion, plus $150 Billion in “frozen” assets!  Aren’t we currently in a very hostile situation with Iran?

Now, ask yourself this; “Is it possible that the politicians who support all of this foreign aid to enemies of America are getting a kickback from these countries to keep this up?  Is it possible that these corrupt politicians (on both sides of the aisle) have off shore bank accounts totaling in the tens of millions of dollars?  To quote the inimitable character Bugs Bunny from the Warner Brothers cartoons; “Mmmm could be!

We even give foreign aid to Saudi Arabia which is a very wealthy nation.  Foreign aid must be abolished because it is an open door for corruption, manipulation, fomenting wars, keeping oppressive leaders in charge in their countries, and of course bribery of our own officials.  Wake up America before it is too late.  When you give people something for which they do not have to work, you weaken their character, and create resentment on their part toward you.  It isn’t charity, and even if it were, it is not the Federal government’s purview to be charitable with other people’s money.


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