Do Socialists Know What Socialism Is?


At the end of this article is a list of types of governments.

After World War II, the government school system started to promote “Social Studies”.  Since home schooling became a popular alternative to government school indoctrination, the lament has been that home school students don’t get “sufficient socialization”.  So what is “social”.  It is living in community with others.  That’s civilized, and just fine with this author.  Socialism, is the institutionalizing of community at the expense of the community and it is unaffordable and unjust to the max, and yet is is sold as just and fair.

It should be understood that there are aspects to government that make it possible for government to do things that individuals and the private sector cannot.  The list is short though.  Conducting war/defense, treaties and appellate and supreme court systems is about all that is needed of a national government, and for state and local governments, courts and police are about all that they need to do.  The private sector can take care of the rest for less money and greater efficiency.

Socialists want to argue that the private sector cannot be trusted because of greed and corruption.  If that’s true, why are all these “socialist” politicians living in the lap of luxury that they didn’t have before being elected?  Why are there businesses who receive favor from the government while others are persecuted and run out of business?  Why is there a rejection, by elected officials, of large swaths of the public who seek to be left alone and to be able to keep the fruits of their labors and to be as minimally regulated as is possible?  Because socialists want to control everything.  All things must come under government authority, regulation and taxation (with favored taxation for friends of socialism).

Socialism does not favor freedom, individuality or even truth, because if the truth be known, socialism is a lie from the get go.  Socialism’s number one lie is that they are the arbiters of truth and justice (social justice).  If you believe that, then there’s some beach front property in Yuma Arizona that you may want to buy.  Socialists, while denying human nature, utilize human nature to manipulate people into factions and special interests so that everyone is paranoid about everyone else, and the socialists then become the arbiters between all of those factions.  Socialists create the politics of envy.  Envy is the desire to bring someone else down to your level, so you don’t have to feel so bad about yourself.

The reality of the situation is that if you find yourself comparing yourself to others, you will always find others better off or worse off than you are.  That will never change because there are tall people (some become wealthy basketball players) short people (who tend to be in politics to inflate their ego) who also become wealthy through corrupting bribes, and of course there are the talented/untalented (a good singer and a bad singer – a good actor and bad actor) motivated/unmotivated, smart/dumb, beautiful/ugly, innovative/dullards, healthy/unhealthy, honest/dishonest and so on.  We are not (much to the chagrin of the socialists) all the same, and yet that is the goal of the socialists.

The ideal of our Constitutional government was to create opportunity by making everyone equal in the eyes of the law, and otherwise, leave them alone.  Under socialism, equality goes by the wayside in favor of the cooperative toward a collective.  Those who resist will be punished with higher taxes, more regulations, more antithetical legal actions, public vilification (“Birther”, “Denier”, “Right wing extremist”, “Conspiracy theorist”, “Fascist”, “Racist” etc.)

For all of you mindless millennial mavens, consider your next step well, because if socialism is embraced fully by America, your property will be the government’s (ex. taxes and regulations), and so will your body (ex. mandated vaccines), and so will your mind (TV, radio, social media etc. regulated by the thought police and the FCC), you soul (ex. the religion of the state – statism).  Typically, once socialism is in full swing, you then end up with fascism.

Here are definitions of important terms in order to fully understand the situation, and the dire circumstances with which we are faced.  If we don’t understand the terms we use, then we cannot communicate.  Hopefully this brings understanding and better communication.  Keep in mind, that the types of government listed below ultimately translate to economic systems as opposed to political systems.  Number two is the exception.

It should be duly noted that all of the below systems (except for #2 Free enterprise) are implemented through deception, lies, war, revolution, stealth, propaganda etc.

#1 Free enterprise – anything goes, which means that there will be abuse, and leads to more and more government.

#2 Free enterprise – restrained and constrained by Biblical Christian morality – do unto others as you would have others to unto you.  This is the maximum freedom and prosperity that can be expected in life, and is the foundation of America although substantially rejected and turned upside down by people like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bezos’ etc. over the last 100 + years.

Capitalism – the compiling of money for the purpose of advancing industry and public services.  This can take place under any type of government, but is best exercised under the 2nd definition of Free enterprise.

Socialism – is the control of all things by the government while still allowing private ownership or at least the appearance thereof.  It’s advisable to play ball with the government if you don’t want to suffer too greatly.

Communism – is the ownership of all things by the government – no freedom and no privacy – only favoritism for those who genuflect before government – oligarchs excepted.  Communism is an extension of  international socialism.  Communism is also referred to as scientific atheism (ex. political science, evolution etc.).

Fascism – this is an unholy alliance between business and government.  This is where America is right now.  Typically, this is the end result of socialism, although corporations can retain some control if they can operate outside the purview of the state.  One world government would harm that goal.

Nazism – This is national socialism, and please recall that the Nazi’s fought the Communists in WW II.

Internationalism – This is the battle in which we find ourselves now.  Internationalism overrides the sovereignty of all nations and develops its own taxing and regulation authority.  (Ex. U.N., IMF, World Bank, BIS bank of international settlements).

Totalitarianism – is the total domination of all property, thought and conscience.  This is the natural and expected outcome  of Nazism, Communism and especially Internationalism.

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