Who Is God?


For those who don’t believe in God, this is a moot issue, and you can move on to something more relevant in your life.  This piece is for those who are searching, or questioning.

Firstly, let’s examine who God is not.  He is not a man.  Now if you believe in the Trinity, you realize He is three distinct personalities in one Godhead co-equal in power and glory, and therefore He is “Father”, “Son” and “Holy Spirit” – Triune God.  Scripture teaches that God is Abraham’s Father, and in the creation account, He is a Spirit.  Christ (prophesied 9:6 and chapter 53 in Isaiah) is God manifest in the flesh on earth at a point in time, and now He reigns in Heaven with His Father.  Is that incomprehensible?  Yes, for man it is impossible to comprehend, and yet, the Scripture provides tangible recorded eye witness accounts that all of these claims are true.  The alternative is to believe on faith and love, or disbelieve based upon contempt and doubt.  The Holy Spirit guides the heart, and again, that is something that is impossible to understand, but it is an imperative for one to become a believer.

Ah, but the people who wrote that stuff were weirdo’s, fanatics, and generally guilty of disrepute.  That is the consensus of unbelievers because their hearts are hardened against God.  Even the “Jews” don’t believe this stuff, and many Christians don’t either.  And, if God is God, why doesn’t He just take control and make everyone a believer?  Be sure to remember, that God is not a man, and therefore, He doesn’t think like a man, nor is He constrained or restrained by hunger, time, want or greed which are human qualities that do not affect Him.  He does all things for His glory and His good pleasure. Additionally, Scripture says that His thoughts are not our thoughts; who can know them, and His ways are not our ways; who can understand them?

If those who wrote the Scripture were not inspired by God’s Spirit to write what they did, then it would be reasonable to doubt what was written.  The problem with the assertion that the Bible was written by mere men belies some important facts.  One fact is that the Bible has absolute continuity from beginning to end even though it was written over more than a 3000 year period.  The theme never changed, and the style remained consistent. Additionally, it is always God who is glorified in Scripture, while man is revealed for his weaknesses and sins.  Secular history is written to glorify man, and no king or leader ever had his mistakes and failures revealed for history in his own culture.  One of the greatest and best known heroes of the Bible is David, and he is revealed for being a murderer, adulterer, and even a narcissist.  David repented of all of that, and God said that he was a “man after His own heart”.  On the contrary, Saul, David’s immediate predecessor, died an ignominious and an unrepentant death.

The Bible exposes the weaknesses and sins of every Bible hero, because man is not perfect, but God is.  Scripture says, throughout, that God is all knowing, all seeing, perfect, righteous, true, just, loving, kind, merciful, sovereign, jealous, glorious, gracious, good, self-existing, eternal, most Holy, immutable, faithful Lord of lords, King of kings, God of gods, and there are many more adjectives/synonyms for God.  That’s who God is. Now that you know who God is, where are you going with that knowledge Heaven or Hell?  Those are the only two options!

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