Why Is America Making Itself Odious To The World? See A List Of Movers & Shakers In The World Who Are Behind It All. A Pensiamento Point!


America not only appears to be headed up by deranged war mongers, but it also seems to be in a self-destruct mode.  With the Iraq wars taking the lives of over 1 million Iraqi’s, one has to wonder who benefited?

It’s clear that the military industrial complex had to benefit because of all the production and sales of  war material, weapons, ammunition and the people who facilitated the transport and utilization of it all.  Next in line would be the government that generated revenues to finance it all with the politicians taking their kickback (bribe) cut.  After that, the stockholders have benefited (many unaware of how and how much).

Was there really any benefit?  Death and destruction does not ultimately lead to long term benefits, but there may be some short term benefits to those named above.  There are elitists in the world who benefit from, and actually seek, death and destruction as part of their “New World Order” agenda to reduce the world’s population by roughly 6 billion people (to a more manageable number) so that it will be just perfect for them as noted by the Worldwatch Institute.  Unknown to most people, the world isn’t anywhere near overpopulated.

Here’s something to think about; there is enough arable land on this planet Earth, to sustain, with food, 35 billion people.  If you took 35 billion people, you could stand them shoulder to shoulder on the island of Hong Kong, or you could give them each 400 square feet in the state of Texas USA.  More realistically, you could give them all thousands of square feet in the United States, and the rest of the world would be uninhabited by humans.  Of course that’s a bit impractical, but it makes the point.

So, back to why the U.S. is making itself so odious.  In addition to wars of aggression (Iraq, Syria and others), the U.S. is sanctioning China and Russia – two very large opponents to U.S. world hegemony.  Russian has done nothing to justify sanctions (unless you believe the unproved meddling charges), and China has misbehaved with some government/corporate spying and stealing of secrets, and selling product cheaply to the U.S. – certainly not enough to justify going to war, although maybe enough to have mild sanctions to rebuke them, not go to war with them over the issue.

Maybe though, war is the objective?  Why would that be the case?  When a country, like the U.S. in particular, finds themselves in a political and/or economic quagmire, then in order to retain power in the hands of those who are working assiduously behind the scenes to develop and expand their power, they must create a distraction that will take people’s eyes off of them as they manipulate.  Additionally, in wartime, everyone in a nation is expected to come together and unite behind the war effort.

Obviously, the people who are on the receiving end of the “war effort” are less receptive; i.e. Russian, China, Iraq, Syria etc.  So, who are the people “behind the scenes” players?  Here’s a list for you to investigate:



Yale University

Most Powerful Members

Skull & Bones (Wikipedia sanitized version)

Skull & Bones (an accurate & historical perspective – you need to read)

The Illuminati 

Proofs of a Conspiracy (a definitive and excellent history of the Illuminati)

World Federalists

Chattam House (Royal Institute of International Affairs – a precursor to the CFR)

United Nations  (a world government organization financed and started by the internationalist Rockefeller family who has no loyalty to America & would love to see America submerged into a one world socialist government – remember socialism is for the rich – not the poor!

Boule’  (a black secret society that began in the 1800’s in Philadelphia PA)

There are certainly other societies and organizations that seek power in the world and are financed by the elite.  They are semi-secret to open such as, but not limited to: Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Workers Party, Communist Party, ANTIFA, BAMN (by any means necessary), BLM (Black Lives Matter), and many many more.  The links above are the real mover and shakers.

The above organizations are all left wing, internationalists, and desirous of reducing the population and controlling people in general.  What are the best ways to control people and eliminate them?  War is absolutely the best and fastest, but there are others.  Control people’s food, medical care, water supply, energy production, privacy, and general economic status.  For that you need organizations like the FDA, AMA, Planned Parenthood, SEC, I.R.S., Federal Reserve, I.M.F., World Bank, Department of Education (government indoctrination is more like it), Dept. of Agriculture, Defense Dept., tax exempt and never audited foundations such as the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, and Rockefeller Foundation.

Again, those organizations all support bigger and more expensive and intrusive government with greater ignorance and less prosperity and freedom for individuals.  All of this contributes to being odious to the little guy, and reducing the population by creating massive stress on people.  Add to that forced vaccines filled with toxins such as Thimerisol (contains mercury which is a known neuro-toxin), fetal cells from aborted babies, peanut oil (peanut allergies anyone?  They were unknown 100 years ago), aluminum (another known neuro-toxin), formaldehyde (used to preserve frogs for biology class dissection), MSG to which many people are highly allergic and get very intense headaches, and of course dead pathogens (of which sometimes they are not completely dead and therefore give people the diseases).  Additionally, some vaccines have incorporated in them sterilizing agents, and these vaccines are pushed by people like Bill Gates on India and Africa where they want to reduce the fertility rate, and therefore, the population.

Thanks to Skull & Bonesman, U.S. President George W. Bush, we got the Medicare Pharmaceutical Bill which has unleashed the pharmaceutical industry with billions of dollars in profits and hundreds of millions of dollars to pay lobbyists to bribe and cajole legislators and keep the media off their backs (for their miscreant and deadly behavior) by doing a huge percentage of their advertising budget.

So, war, toxins, poisons, controls, restrictions, political and economic oppression (inflation/deflation/massive debt), lowering moral standards, introducing addictive drug availability and abuse, and propaganda to discourage and mislead people etc. are excellent ways to reduce the population.  All of this makes the U.S. odious to the world as we push it on the world.  So, why don’t people wake up and see the light?  These same people cause factional divisions such as Left vs. Right, Democrats vs. Republicans, good morals vs. licentiousness, pro-abortion vs. pro-life, haves vs. have-nots, Christians vs. Secularists, blacks vs. whites, illegal immigrants vs. legitimate citizens, educated vs. ignorant, etc. so that we are all on different teams, and not on the American team.

What are the tools they use to accomplish this?  Syndicated radio, Corporate television, and various bought and paid for media outlets both print and electronic.  To bolster all of that, they use the LGBTQI ad nauseum degenerates, media talking heads, ANTIFA, BAMN, and of course the political parties.  Privacy violations like Google, Facebook (Fakebook), Microsoft, Twitter etc. suppress free speech, and in fact, they are taking overt means to do so through deplatforming web sites, Facebook pagers, and WEB sites. Additionally, unleashing crime upon the populous while taking away their right and/or ability to defend themselves creates fear and submission to authority.  What will you do to overcome this assault on humanity and the blessings of liberty, prosperity and peace that could and should be available were it not for these insidiously wicked and evil people?

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