What Do YOU Know?


You know you exist!  Or, at least you think you know that you exist.  Philosophers struggle with basic things like that.  Descartes said; “I think, therefore I am!”.  What Descartes was exhibiting was reason.  Man can reason from his thoughts and come to all sorts of conclusions.  What makes those conclusions have any validity at all?

If two or more come to the same conclusion, then the validity of the conclusion develops more acceptance and influence.  If the numbers who agree become a majority within a group or society, then it develops the status of custom or law.  What happens though, when the custom or the law starts to make people’s lives miserable or causes fighting and violence?

Certainly, we see violence all around the world today.  Some violence is very overt such as war and terrorism.  Other violence takes on a more subtle character.  For instance, when a person works a sixty hour week to earn money to support themselves and their family, that is a great difficulty and sacrifice.  Now, what if by “reason”, the customs or laws of those people who have agreed by “reason” cause them to take by force of law some of the money that person worked for to give to themselves or others?  What if the people who receive that money refuse to work themselves?  That becomes a hardship in the eyes of the person who worked sixty hours because it takes away from their ability to provide for themselves and their family, and it eliminates their freedom to keep and do as they please with the fruits of their labor.  A subtle, but nonetheless very violent, act has been committed against that person.Gavel

From there, man can reason about things like property rights, justice, equity, representative government and on and on.  The common thread, so far, is that all reason is coming from man.  It can be easily observed that man’s reason can be flawed.  As such, it can also be easily observed that a majority of men reasoning the same way can cause great wars and massive deaths and destruction.  In fact, that’s what we see throughout the world today.  We see that along with the more subtle effects that things like taxation have on people.  We see regulations telling people what to do or not do as the case may be.  There are groups of men who have gone beyond war to outright murder and starvation and destruction of masses of people.

Now, if you’re happy with all of that, then read no further, because what follows has a tendency to alienate a lot of people – particularly people who are not intellectually honest and/or “reasonable”.  Consider the possibility that reason comes from somewhere or someone other than man.  As a human being, you are likely to reason subjectively.  By that term it is meant that you reason in ways that favor yourself and make you happy.  This of course is not all bad or wrong, but it can get out of hand when it hurts other people.

There is a saying known around the world; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  This is a good saying, and would be wise to follow, as long as the way you go about it is also proper.  In other words, if you’re a masochist and love to have people whip you, then you might be inclined to think you should go out and whip other people.  That should not be, and for obvious reasons.

The Cross

If man’s reason is insufficient to accomplish peace, prosperity, equity, justice and mercy, then what is sufficient?  Man is sinful, and therefore not perfect.  What is needed is objective reason.  By that, objective means outside of man’s reason and authority.  Where can that be found?  The only source that has ever been provided is the Bible, which comes directly from the mouth of God to man.  The Bible does not play favorites.  The Bible does not indulge people’s lusts, hatred, or sins.  In fact the Bible recognizes all of those, and it restrains them by the guiding word of God.  This is the God of all Creation, and Who created man in His image – a spiritual being for the purpose of glorifying, loving, honoring, serving and obeying Him with all the heart, soul, mind and strength that can be demonstrated by a human being.

The Bible is a book of laws to guide men’s actions, philosophy to guide his thoughts, stories about what to and not to do, history to document the past, and a promise of the future to come.  God promised a Savior from very shortly after He created man.  The Bible shows hints and evidence of that Savior over several thousand years until two thousand years ago.  At that time was born a baby named Jesus who was born the lowest of the low in a stable among dirty animals on a bed of straw.


Jesus lived a perfect life, and from His youth, He knew His destiny was the cross.  His purpose was to bring new life to mankind.  No greater friend is there than one who will lay down his life for another.  Ultimately, that’s what Jesus did.  He went willingly to the cross, a sinless and innocent Man, falsely accused, and He died there being mocked and tormented to the very end.  He died and was resurrected by God from the dead that He might overcome death and show God’s power to the world.  Over 500 witnesses are mentioned in the book of Acts as having seen Him after the resurrection.  Under man’s reason, we see him accept historical fact on much thinner evidence than that.

So, which will it be – man’s reason, or God’s reason?  We have thousands of years of history with man ignoring God’s reason, and leaving us victims of tyrannical governments, ruthless men and corporations with wars, famines, poisoned waters, polluted air and so on.  The bottom line, like it or not, is God’s way, or the highway to Hell.

The promise of eternity in Heaven sounds a lot better than eternity in Hell.  You won’t get to Heaven by doing good works such as murdering infidels (the image of God) or dedicating your life to charity.  The Bible is clear about that.  It’s God Who chooses whom He will to go to Heaven, and that makes a lot of people angry.  Don’t get mad, get glad.  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, obey Him, and be saved from your sins.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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