The Most Evil Blood Sucking Vampire Squid – Can You Guess Who?

The link below is thanks to the Herculean effort of James Corbett to expose corruption in  America and throughout the world.  These are the people who are the movers and shakers behind the scene, and they run your life, steal your property, devalue your currency while it’s supposedly safe in your bank account or even your pocket; they create constant distractions for our government leaders, so they can never catch up with what’s going on.  They run the pea and shell game for the whole world, and they are murdering, lying, thieving scum of the earth.  Just because someone is financially successful doesn’t mean they have character, integrity, patriotism or are law abiding.  They need to be excised from the world like a boil from your gluteous maximus – they need to be flayed alive in the public square, and they and all of their family members should be stripped of all of their wealth, property and citizenship!  Why should a couple of dozen people run our lives and ruin them at the same time?

Evil Blood Sucking Vampire Squid

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