Democracy – What Is It, And Is It Good?


Democracy in a nutshell is the idea that everyone is equally represented – one person, one vote if you will.  This of course is not how America started out as you will find no mention of democracy in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.  Instead, America started out as a republic.  That will be clarified later.

Does democracy make sense?  Consider the concept, and how it is worked out.  If everyone who is a citizen (and today even non-citizens) has an equal vote, then should they not have an equal responsibility?  Put another way, does a person who owns no property, earns no money and assumes no responsibility in the community be able to cast a vote on how another person’s money, property and activity should be utilized and/or controlled?

Consider this; you the reader live somewhere – even if your “homeless”, and it’s under a bridge.  Should someone else be able to remove you from your domicile because they want it for themselves?  Under the evolutionary mind set, yes, because it’s survival of the fittest with evolution.  One man can take the spot under a bridge that another is occupying by the force of his threats and physical manhandling, and especially if he has a majority on his side (democracy being the fruit of majority rule).  This of course is the lowest level example, and you could always argue in favor of first come first served, but the stronger guy may still win out; or the guy with a baseball bat or a knife.

Let’s elevate this to a more practical level.  A man buys a house.  He pays cash for it.  Does he own it?  No!  He has to pay rent to the government in the form of property taxes, or the government will take his house away from him.  Now, let’s go back to democracy for a moment.  The property taxes are for the purpose of financing various functions of government.  What are those functions?  According to the Constitution, those functions are to protect “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  The pursuit of happiness would include owning a home would it not?  In owning a home, is there not a sense of liberty?  Does not a home protect life from the vagaries of weather; sun, wind, cold, rain, snow and even miscreants who might attack you?

If that’s so, then should anyone be able to take that away from you, and if so, under what circumstances?  Under the restraints of a Constitutional Republic, the answer would be maybe.  Under a democracy, the answer would be yes.  If everyone has one vote, and there are enough people who have no income or property, then could they not outvote those who do, and take what they have to finance government that will support them in their poverty – better known as welfare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, subsidized housing, public schools, Medicaid, etc.?

The answer is not only yes they can, but in fact it is happening.  So far, more often than not, it’s foreclosure by banks, but governments foreclose on unpaid property taxes also.  Under the Constitutional Republic, the “maybe” could include exceptions for the abuse of private property.  If that person who paid cash for his home was running a brothel, a meth lab, or a motorcycle repair shop, then he could at least be subject to a cease and desist order, and if he failed on that, his property, under the auspices of due process, could be seized and sold.  Although there are absolutes, there are no absolute rights.  As the Libertarian would say; “Your right ends when your fist connects with my nose.”.

In democracies, the fist becomes the government for the people who have nothing, and then the nose becomes subject to the law of the land.  It makes no difference at that point if the law is just; it only matters if it can be enforced effectively, and with a minimal disruption to the state.  The net result is a bloody and/or broken nose.  In a worse case scenario, it may even result in great bodily harm or death.  Is there a better way?

Yes, it is the constitutional republic based upon a higher law.  The Constitution is only the administrative mechanism for making and enforcing laws – it has no moral basis in and of itself.  The Declaration of Independence is the moral root and authority of the Constitution.  It says “all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (often consolidated to one word – property).  Who is the “Creator” of whom the Declaration speaks?  It is none other than the God of the Bible and all creation.

So, the bottom line is that the Constitutional Republic with which our founders endowed us, is a moral precept guided by a higher authority than man.  Needless to say the evil men of this world who gravitate to central banking and politics have an absolute abhorrence of God and Biblical constraints and restraints.  That’s why the war against Christianity has been so intense and vitriolic in America.  Under the Constitution, we should see restraint on government, not on people.  Our government must, or at least should be a government of high moral principles.  If you throw out Jesus Christ and the Bible, then you get the morality and principles of the rich and powerful with a dusting of the masses.  You get a morality that at some point will become so intolerable that the people will rise up – if they can.  Democracy is mob rule, and mobs have to be controlled!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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