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U.S. Heading For A Dictatorship? Don’t Roll Your Eyes At This – Look Around You!

  One of the most critical factors in the rise of NAZI Germany was propaganda.  The people had to be worked up into a frenzy in order to manipulate them into submitting to a dictator and supporting a war. What’s going on in America today?  The U.S. is in the face of the Syrians, Russians, […]

3 Minute Video – Virginia Quietly Removes 5000 + Illegals From The Voter’s Roles – Hey; No Big Deal – Right?

  Virginia quietly removes over 5000 illegal immigrants from the voter’s roles.  Hey, if they don’t mind coming here illegally and living off of the system, they surely won’t mind voting illegally – maybe even four of five times if they can get motivate, and if the corrupt Democrats will drive them to the polls. […]

Remember The Lesson Of Disney’s Davy Crockett?

  Back in the 1950’s, when Disney wasn’t a pernicious purveyor of perversion, they made an excellent movie series for TV that portrayed the heroic and admirable life of an American – not a hyphenated America, not a political ideologue or demagogue, but a genuine person who said what he meant and meant what he […]