Nuremberg Trials Have Begun!

Bill Gates Is Just Another Hitler

Nuremberg trials have begun HERE.


  1. Come on. A comparison to the Nazis? You can be better, right?


  2. I’d like to be better. Help me out – who or what would you use as a comparison?


  3. Certainly nothing with the Nazis who killed 6M innocent men, women, and children- this is no better than the far left jokes who compared Pres Trump to Adolph Hitler. Additionally, just WHO are you comparing to the Nazis? The people being put on trial now for Jan 6? After all, it was the Nazis who were put on trial at Nuremberg… so you are saying that the Jan 6 people were Nazis??

    See the issues?


  4. I’m baffled, because this post is about vaccine murders by Big Pharma and the fact that Big Pharma along with politicians and the medical community may just get tried for their criminal efforts. Additionally, hundreds of millions (more than Hitler touched) have been ‘jabbed” with a toxic and deadly chemical – some through deceptive practices, some through force of law, some through extortion such as the threat of losing their jobs – something that happened to one of my children. I’m guessing you didn’t give more than a few seconds to this post and just assumed you knew what it was all about. VAERS receives only 1% reporting of adverse events. Within that context, the official death toll worldwide from the “Jab” is 18,000 + as of this writing. Multiply that by 100, and you could be talking about 1.8 million dead so far. That hasn’t quite rivaled Hitler yet, but it certainly could rival him and far exceed him.


  5. Don’t be “baffled!” Simply reply “YOU can do better rcsala!!!! NEXT TIME, rcsala, don’t miss the link. YES, rcsala, don’t make assumptions”

    LOL- fair enough?

    But, yeah- the Gates to Hitler comparison is also a fail.


    1. More baffled than ever – I must be a mental defective? The January 6th people were normal citizens being encouraged by CIA and F.B.I. plants to break the law when normally they would have done nothing illegal, and most of them did not do anything illegal. NAZIs are Socialists, and Socialists are Communists in disguise. All totalitarian econ0omic systems benefit the rich and not the middle and lower classes.


  6. The Jan 6 rioters were “normal citizens being encouraged by the CIA and FBI?” Where did you come up with that??? Look, I say this as a person who voted for Donald Trump and HATES what Biden is doing: Trump lost. No hoaxes, no lies, no massive conspiracy. The Jan 6 rioters were clowns who should not have been left alone by their parents. They were misled and now they are suffering dire (and yes perhaps unfair) consequences. It’s truly sad that so many people could fall for such garbage. But there you go.

    Back to this subject- my second post was meant as an apology- you were right, I thought you were talking about the Jan 6 clowns, and not the vaccines. Thanks for the correction.


  7. […] mandates HERE. News report after news report of deaths from COVID vaccines HERE. NUREMBERG TRIALS HAVE BEGUN! 12/8/21 U.S. Senator Ron Johnson “rips” Fauci on COVID before U.S. Senate HERE,, and […]


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