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Treason Can Be Profitable – Not For Germans, But For The Leaders

  The below link is a German woman being interviewed by Jeff Rense.  Angela Merkel is destroying Germany.  Why?   It’s the same reason that Obama has destroyed America, most likely beyond repair.  It’s the same reason Tony Blair sold out England.  They all work for a wealthy elite who seek to dominate the world. […]

What Is A Standard?

Merriam Webster’s fourth and fifth definitions of a standard are as follows: 4:  something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or quality 5a :  the fineness and legally fixed weight of the metal used in coins b :  the basis of value in a monetary […]

7 Minute Explanation Of Federal Reserve

7 Minute Explanation Of The Federal Reserve

Vehicle 2 Vehicle Laws – Government Will Drive You Wherever You Don’t Want To Go

  Vehicle 2 Vehicle Controls On All Drivers

It’s O.K. To Video Cops On Duty

  Click on the link and read details and watch video.  It’s O.K. to video cops on duty!

Are We Eloi or Morlocks? Watch The Movie Or Read The Book The Time Machine By Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells

  The Eloi are submissive, and the Morlocks are cannibals who eat them.  Which one do you want to be?   H.G. Wells saw the future and the weakness of human nature.  The bankers are the Morlocks, and the masses are the Eloi.  Just say “No!” to fiat currency – all currency should be gold […]

Are You Ready For War?

  The sabers are rattling, the rhetoric is escalating, the psy-ops are raging, the tactical maneuvers are increasing; there’s U.S. military training  on the borders of Russia and North Korea in high gear.  Why? Ink on paper!  That’s why!  It’s all about money.  Follow the money should be everyone’s mantra, because if you don’t, then […]

Are You Surprised?

  What happens when you put virile young men together with young women in a confined area 24/7?  You get nude photos, sexual assaults, harassment and who knows what else plaguing the military.  Now, do you think the social engineers who pushed this nonsense never thought of the possibility of this kind of activity?  Of […]

For Christians Only!

Enjoy this link:   Voddie Baucham – For Christians Only

March 15th Commences The Debt Ceiling Debate In Congress – Smoke & Mirrors See This Video That’s 10 Minutes For A Greater Understanding – Info Comes Directly From the Federal Reserve’s Own Web Site!!!

  Anybody who knows anything knows that America is run by a private cartel of bankers whose front man is the Federal Reserve Chairman, and who is unaccountable to Congress although they’d like you to believe otherwise.  If you control a nation’s money, you control the nation – that’s why nothing makes sense in Congress […]

Foreign Aid – Who Does It Aid?

  Looking at the picture of military men handing out pallets of cash ($100 bills – $10 million per pallet), has to make you wonder what’s going on.  What is foreign aid anyway?  If you go by the words, it means helping people not of your own nation.  That’s exactly what the establishment leftists want […]

Hypocrisy Of Search Engines

It occurred to me that our thoughts are manipulated in many ways.  So I thought I’d check out my search engine.  I gave up on Google, and set up Yandex, although Google has the primary dominance in all that’s carried on the WEB. I decided to do two searches for objectivity and openness.  The first […]

I Invite You To Comment As Long As It Is Reasoned & Civil

  The free exchange of ideas is critical to intellectual honesty, and a civil society.  We must never fear speaking our minds.  Nobody has a monopoly on truth.  Many years ago I was bound up in my ideology and my political affiliation.  From my BLOG, you will see a wide variety of interests.  I do […]

Jordan Page’s Song “Liberty”- A Touch Of Dylan But 98% Page – Enjoy!

Jordan Page “Liberty” Song – excellent!!!

Albert Pike Said To Have Controlled Islam – This 10 Minute Video Provides Some Interesting Manipulative History!

Albert Pike Ran Islam in the 1800’s

Bill Gates Pimps For Big Pharma & Vaccines – Here’s His Own Web Site!

If his eye teeth were a little longer, I’d think he might want to suck my blood!  His Microsoft Business already does that. Bill Gates’ own web site:  Bill Gates Pimps For Vaccines & Big Pharma More on Gates’ unconscionable barbaric and evil activity: Natural News – Bill Gates Wants Vaccines To Reduce The World’s […]

1981 Hollywood Movie Production That Predicts America’s & The World’s Future – 3 Minute Teaser Clip or Full Length Movie!

This is well scripted and very thought provoking: American’s Future – 3 minute clip   Or, you can watch    Full Length 1981 Video Production of American’s Future

Non-cooperation, Non-violence, Rebellion, The Benefits Explained By My Cartoonist Friend Paul Snover.

  Paul Snover has taken a public position, and put himself at risk.  The following link is a video you can listen to in about a half an hour, and it includes some valuable video clips of the movie Gandhi and speeches from Martin Luther King, numerous historical quotes along with his own views on […]

Stefan Molyneux Asks Salient Questions Of Liberals Regarding Government Spying – 3 minutes

Stefan Molyneaux Asks Tough Questions

What Happens When You Die?

This is one of the most profound questions a person could ask (there are two related posts at the end of this article).  Let’s use a little deductive reasoning here and see what comes up.  There are only two possible answers to the question – something, or nothing.  If it is the latter, then that […]

Feeling Lonely?

  Do you find yourself trying to explain reality to people who don’t know what reality is?  Do you find that you are out of step with the majority opinion?   Are you more often than not tempted to bite your tongue instead of speaking your mind? Don’t feel alone.  This is not by chance! […]

The Soap Box, The Ballot Box, The Jury Box & Lastly, But Hopefully Not, The Cartridge Box – In Case You Missed It.

  Take Back Our Country

Your Mind Please; If You Don’t Mind; The Pharmaceuticals Want It + Your $ !!!

  Below is a link, and several charts.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who owns the news, and why you don’t get much if any truth especially about vaccines.  You will note since George Bush signed into law the Medicare Pharmaceutical Bill, that spending on advertising has skyrocketed, and you’re paying […]

Obama & Holder – Busted! For Treason!

  Giving government money to organizations such as La Raza is criminal.  La Raza is Spanish for The Race.  It is a militant Communist organization that has called for Mexico to take back California, Arizona, parts of Texas, Colorado and Nevada.  Lying, cheating, stealing, terrorism, and any other terroristic deceptive practice is just fine for […]

Black Muslim Does Bomb Threats To Jews & He Blames Trump

  False flags come in different colors and varieties.  The corporate media will not give you the details of this miscreant, so see the link below. Leftist Black Muslim Journalist Bombed Jews Blames Trump

Now’s A Great Time To Buy A Car, But…

  …don’t get one with automatic steering, braking and acceleration.  If Michael Hastings (pictured above) were still alive, he would be the first to concur.   You see, Michael Hastings was an investigative journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine, and he was on to some very corrupt activities (nothing new) of the CIA.  He told friends […]

Free Slaves – Thought Provoking Video

  Free Slaves

Was This 2012 Song Prophetic?

Take Back Our Country

My Friend Aaron Russo Produced Two Great Movies – Trading Places With Dan Akroyd & Eddie Murphy, & also …

  …The Rose with Bette Midler.  Both were very big hits. The Rose grossed $79 million in 1979 which would amount to $400 + million today and Trading Places grossed $90 million in 1983 which would be about $450 million + today and is frequently shown on Cable TV even today.  He was not a […]

From A Cartoonist Friend – Spot On!

  Paul Snover has well depicted the puppet master Satan.  And, who are the puppets?  I suggest it’s the Central Bankers, the Pope, the National Council of Churches, the LGBTQIXYZ community, the Republican and Democrat Establishments, the corporate media, the military industrial complex multi-national corporations, the medical industrial complex, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, […]