From A Cartoonist Friend – Spot On!


Snover Satan Puppetmaster

Paul Snover has well depicted the puppet master Satan.  And, who are the puppets?  I suggest it’s the Central Bankers, the Pope, the National Council of Churches, the LGBTQIXYZ community, the Republican and Democrat Establishments, the corporate media, the military industrial complex multi-national corporations, the medical industrial complex, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,  the Bush family, the Clintons, the NGO’s, the corporate media, the tax exempt foundations like Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller and so on ad infinitum!

Visit Paul’s web site (linked below) to see other efforts of his.

Cartoon Stock From Paul Snover

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  1. Demetrius Dailey · · Reply

    Divided they stand!
    United they fall!
    I think we all woke up
    With the same call!
    Keep the energy flowing.


    1. Although an old man, I am energized – thanks for the encouragement!


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