Treason Can Be Profitable – Not For Germans, But For The Leaders


The below link is a German woman being interviewed by Jeff Rense.  Angela Merkel is destroying Germany.  Why?   It’s the same reason that Obama has destroyed America, most likely beyond repair.  It’s the same reason Tony Blair sold out England.  They all work for a wealthy elite who seek to dominate the world.  85 people in the world own 50% of the world’s wealth.  Do you think those 85 people know each other?  Do you think those 85 people work together (Bilderberger) to enhance each other’s wealth and power?  Do you think those 85 people care about you or me?  Do you think that those 85 people have a lot to do with picking our leaders after they are indoctrinated and bought and paid for?  Get real people.  It’s time to say “No more!”

Angela Merkel – Is She A Marxist, Muslim Dyke?

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