Who’s Better At Bankruptcies Than Donald Trump? Will America Default?


This link below is a very cogent and very informative interview as to the true nature of our debt, our dilemma, and dereliction to duty.  Like the sword of Damocles, our debt hangs over us with a sense of impending doom.  The ramifications will be abject poverty for those who are unprepared.  For those who are unable to prepare, they may be so poor that they will not notice a great difference, but they will be affected nonetheless.  The upper middle class will be hurt very badly.  The 1% will survive, and those who are on the inside track of the 1% will likely prosper.

You may thank the unprincipled, criminal banksters primarily; secondarily, you can thank the political whores who are supposed to represent the people, and lastly, but not leastly, the American people who are not without sin.  Do not look to the corporate media presstitutes to inform you – they are part of the problem.  Your IRA and 401K will dissolve.  Your stock broker will all of a sudden become very hard to contact.  Your bank account will likely be frozen. This problem will affect Europe, Japan, China, the Middle east, and other parts of the world to a somewhat lesser extent.  Australia and New Zealand will be the least hurt, but they are not immune either.

American Government Default


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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