The Warm Fuzzy Feeling You Get From Knowing The EPA Is Watching Out For Your Interests – Ha Ha!


Now that the cat is out of the bag, and we know that Monsanto is running the EPA and that the EPA said glyphosate (the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up pesticide) is safe – even though they never tested it and just went on Monsanto’s word and research – we learn a valuable lesson.  Nothing is better than individual responsibility.

Americans seem to go to sleep whenever there is a federal agency watching over their best interests.  What they seem to fail to grasp is that everyone has a price, and that crooked people gravitate to cushy jobs in government where graft is rampant.  Is it any wonder that financial crimes are rampant under the SEC, the FDIC is woefully short on money to insure bank customers, deadly pharmaceuticals permeate the market and kill people under the FDA,  privacy has been eliminated under the NSA and F.B.I., commodity prices are egregiously manipulated under the COMEX, the rampant and illegal immigration under the I.N.S. the waters and lands poisoned under the EPA and so on?

The warm fuzzy liberal left loves regulative agencies of the federal government.  It makes them feel good and safe too!  The problem with the warm fuzzy left is that they can’t seem to translate their noble zeal and concerns to the people working in the agencies daily.  Those people get a paycheck it’s true, but sometimes, the regulated person or entity offers a bigger paycheck for that regulator to look the other way.  Now, if it means the difference between a drab lower middle class existence, or a sumptuous upper middle class existence along with upward mobility within the agency, then why not take that extra paycheck?

Another term that clarifies the situation totally is to use the word bribery.  Politicians mask bribery under the rubric of campaign contributions.  Why is it that the warm fuzzy left is so confident worshiping at the altar of big government?  Are they totally blind to human nature, that is greed, lust, deceitfulness etc.?  Why give humans any more power than absolutely necessary?  Why centralize power in Washington D.C. when the problem is in Yuma, Arizona, Wichita, Kansas or Bozeman Montana?

It doesn’t have to be the Fed’s always either.  Look at Flint Michigan’s government poisoning the water for their residents.  Look at what the EPA did in Colorado to pollute an entire river for miles.  As the Bible says; “Put not your trust in princes and kings.”  The obvious conclusion from that is to put your trust in the God of the Bible and His word as a guide for the morality of all men.  Bribery is a moral issue – like it or not.

Why regulate at all?  Have a simple law that says if you steal, you will be punished, and then execute the law swiftly, justly and locally.  Do the same for people who poison, who lie, who pollute private or public lands, etc. etc.  Hold corporate officials accountable for their crimes!  The only alphabet soup agency that is profitable and efficiently executes its responsibility is a private agency known as the I.R.S., and they are a tool for the thieving thugs of the too big to fail, need to go to jail bankers.

Keep it simple stupid (KISS method)!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!





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