Words Have Meaning – Use Properly


Is he short, or just vertically challenged?  Is he insane, or does he just have a mental health issue?   Is he an illegal immigrant, or an undocumented worker?   Is he a perverted degenerate Sodomite, or gay?

These and many other euphemistic approaches to the English language have blunted the effect of the language.  If somebody is stupid and you say they are mentally challenged, you have diminished the meaning of the thought and therefore fallen short of effective and complete communication.  If you give all children a blue ribbon (which used to indicate first place in a competition), then you diminish the symbolic representation of the color blue and dilute the value of all ribbons.  If you give everyone a certificate of participation when they didn’t graduate, you dilute the significance of a diploma.  If you give everyone a minimum income, you dilute the meaning and value of work and productivity.  If you let anyone and everyone who wants to come into your country and live with all of the benefits of citizenship, then you dilute the meaning of citizenship and nationhood.  Of course, that’s something the left has been salivating over for decades.

Words have meaning, and when they are used improperly to dilute the meaning of the individual’s thoughts, then it leads to a dilution of  understanding, action and behavior. Ultimately it leads to the dilution of society, culture, and finally the nation as a whole.  You’ve probably heard that there is strength in diversity.  The Bible says a three fold cord cannot be easily broken, but what if those cords are all separate?  Each can be easily broken.  The bottom line is that there is no strength in diversity, or the opposite would have to be true that there is weakness in unity.  Think about it.

As America abandons it basic principles which are the cords that bind us, then we will see the dilution and ultimate destruction of our nation – we will be broken.  The chaos, vitriol, anger, violence, desperation, extreme poverty, shortages, inconsistencies, murders, rapes, robberies etc. will be so horrific that it will go far beyond anything that can be imagined today.  Hate crimes will rule the day.  By the way, have you ever heard of a love crime?  For a glimpse, look around to Venezuela and India for a couple of previews of what’s coming our way.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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