What Is A “Useful Idiot”?


Most Americans are unfamiliar with the term useful idiot, but they should familiarize themselves.  It’s important to have some background on who utilizes and controls the useful idiots.  Useful idiots in particular should know who and what they are.  The term is used in a political context always.  It applies to Marxist/Communist revolutions, and it is important to understand the hierarchy of structure of a Communist revolution.

At the top of the revolution are central bankers and multi-national corporate heads.  These people provide the financing for the overthrow of governments which are not totally under their control, although they may be substantially under their control, but that does not satisfy their power lust.

These people didn’t get to the top by being stupid.  They have networked their organizational skills thoroughly through the political/social/economic structure of America to include the Federal Reserve (central banking – money printing & credit extension), Wall Street, White House, Congress, Supreme Court, Governorships, Mayors, Media, tax exempt never audited (see video before deleted) Foundations, think tanks, multi-national corporate chieftains, University chairs and presidents, Union heads including education and medical etc.  The vehicles used include secret and semi-secret organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, World Federalists, Illuminati, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and many, many more networks interlinked to each other so intricately, so tightly, so completely that nobody can act in opposition to them without being found out, discredited or eliminated from being a threat to their conspiracy to dominate the world.  This group comprises roughly 300 people.

Those are the people at the top.  Who’s next in line?  Next in line is a slightly larger group of approximately 2 – 3,000 people who have risen to the top of the corporate ladder in the above listed categories in the previous paragraph.  These people are opinion molders who hold sway with large swaths of people.  They are referred to as “Fellow Travelers” which means that they are not at the top of the heap, but they are willing to cooperate and do the bidding of those at the top of the heap in order to enjoy the privileges of wealth, power and prestige.  “Fellow Travelers” have been very thoroughly vetted and will not betray the agenda of the people at the top.

Now, 3,000 people are not enough to, by themselves, take control of a nation such as America.  They need “shock troops” who are referred to as “useful idiots“.  Useful in that they are tools, and idiots in that they are easily controlled and expendable.  Useful idiots are financed by the “Fellow Travelers” to create havoc by rioting in the streets under the banner of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, regurgitating the mantra of “equality”, “police brutality”, and “Social Justice”.  They can sometimes fill prominent positions.  These rubrics give them a solidarity symbolized by the clenched fist salute which is Communist solidarity at the street level as well as back pats from the more prominent useful idiots.

This strategy was first articulated and developed by an Italian Marxist named Antonio Gramsci.  He developed what is referred to as “pressure from below; pressure from above“.  The previous immediately linked video should explain.  The bottom line is street rioters (below) get politicians (above), who are on the same page, to respond with draconian legislation which in turns creates more turmoil until ultimately, there must be a total police state.  At that time 99% of the “useful idiots” will be disposed of because they will realize they’ve been lied to, and the Socialist/Communist carrot on the stick is toxic and not what it was promised to be.  Remember, Vladimir Lenin (Bolshevik and Communist Dictator) said; “Promises are like pie crusts; meant to be broken.”.


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