George Floyd Statistics & The Antifa Aftermath Of Death & Destruction!


One can no longer grieve for George Floyd in the same manner after seeing this. Yes, I agree it was a terrible way for him to die and nobody deserves that kind of treatment from the police or anybody else for that matter. But the mainstream news media has made him out to be a real hero. However after some research into his background we find evidence to quite the contrary. He has been a career criminal. The media tells us how he was trying to turn his life around. If so, why was he found in possession of a large amount of counterfeit money? What was he planning to do with that money?

Below is an actual set of arrest records found on the Harris County website which show 9 different arrests by Harris County Authorities.

George Floyd is not nor has he ever been a hero as the media would like us to believe. He had a lengthy record of law breaking when he lived in Houston.  A copy of that record is provided here below: It includes Aggravated Robbery with a deadly weapon, Possession with intent to deliver drugs, Three Times – Manufacture with intent to deliver drugs, Trespass of private property with forced breaking and entering with theft, Possession of a controlled substance, Failure to Identify himself to a police officer (this likely meant carry a fake ID),  Theft $50 to $500 dollars, Theft from a person (this was a single woman and he forced his way into her home. When she screamed for help he knocked her out with his gun and robbed her house) This was all over a 10 year period! (see copy of actual record below on file with the Harris County District Clerk’s Office)

And yet there is not a word on any of the Mainstream News media about this. All we hear is what a great man George Floyd was. Could the media be responsible for what is happening to our nation right now? I believe so. They may not have committed the terrible things happening but they very well may have lit the fuse and handed the people the gasoline.

So let’s grieve now for AMERICA.

Here are just a few incidents that show why everyone should be grieving.

ANTIFA Terrorists set a homeless man’s belongings on fire as he slept on the streets. They destroyed what little he had left.

Terrorists beat a store owner unconscious, for trying to defend his store. They left him for dead and he passes away from the terrible injuries he sustained. Who grieves for him and his family?

Terrorists took the little hope that some small business owners had, while they were already devastated by the coronavirus lockdown. The little hope they still held for their future, was extinguished by crazed rampaging thugs and ANTIFA terrorists.

ANTIFA Terrorists burned horses ALIVE, that were trapped in a Horse Trailer and could not escape the flames.

ANTIFA Terrorists set fire to a luxury car dealership destroying his entire inventory. His insurance company says it was an act of God.

ANTIFA Terrorists set fire to St. John’s Church in Washington DC. (The cornerstone of St. John’s was set on September 14, 1815. Every president, beginning with James Madison up until the present day, has gone to that church.)

ANTIFA Terrorists set fire to a black owned sports bar, and then tried to steal the Liquor that wasn’t burned up.

ANTIFA Terrorists overturned a police car, and to add insult to injury, a woman climbs up on the overturned squad car and relieves herself on it and is cheered on by all the onlookers.

82 people were shot and 19 are dead in Chicago this past weekend, and no one even cares to mention it.

The List goes on and on

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer was shot in the back of the head while struggling with a very violent rioter.

An active shooter opened fire on law enforcement officers at a Las Vegas courthouse.

4 St. Louis Police Officers were shot by an active shooter.

A New York Police Officer was struck by a vehicle and his injuries were life threatening.

3 Buffalo New York law enforcement officers were struck by a vehicle in front of the police station.

3 Davenport law enforcement officers were ambushed and 1 was shot dead. The other 2 were seriously wounded.

132 officers have injured in Chicago during a rioting.

9 Pittsburg officers were injured by bricks and other objects being hurled at them during a riot.

Several officers in Rhode Island were injured during riots.

An active shooter opened fire at the Oakland, CA Police Department.

2 officers were struck in the head with bricks in Santa Ana, CA.

2 Richland officers were shot in Virginia.

1 officer was struck in the head by a brick in Albany, GA.

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