The U.S. Government Has Yet To Supply Americans With The Truth On….


…..the reason we have a central bank (Federal Reserve), the reason we entered WW II, the reason for entering the Viet Nam War, the Kennedy assassination, the Martin Luther King assassination, how unknown Governors like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton got elected President, the Alfred Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City, World Trade Center bombings I & II, the place where the trillions of dollars went after the 2007/8 meltdown, how a little known and highly inexperienced black man became President, etc., etc.

The bought and paid for corporate lamestream fake news media shills, liars and traitors will tell you that it’s all old news, and it’s all been resolved, and people who hang on to a desire to know more facts and truth of the matters are just loose cannon conspiracy theorists.  Of course, the media will never tell you when a conspiracy ever becomes fact unless they are trying to destroy conservatives.

Americans need to press on to find out the facts and truth of the matters listed above.

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The U.S. Government Has Yet To Supply Americans With The Truth On….

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