16 Minute Video – The Hidden Hand Of the Warmonger Rothschilds Who Abuse Their Money & Power To Murder Oppress & Finally Enhance Their Position To Rule The World @ Our Expense


Warmonger Rothschilds Sleight Of Hand   The Rothschilds likely have 30 trillion dollars in assets, and they use those assets to control people like George Soros, now deceased David Rockefeller, and others like Bill Gates etc.  Those billionaires wouldn’t be billionaires without Rothschild approval and help.  Find a billionaire who isn’t a Zionist, and likely he’s dead or will be soon.  Find a central bank that’s not controlled by the Rothschilds – it won’t happen – they control the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Additionally, unknown to most people, the Rothschilds own the two international news services UPI and Reuters, so how do you think any international news that is true will get out to the general public?  The internet.  Is the internet under attack?  Yes indeed, and if it becomes totally controlled, then the dissemination of information will be unavailable unless totally sanitized and Rothschild approved.  That means whole nations can be taken over without the world knowing it.  Thanks Fakebook (Mark Jewish Zuckerberg), Twitter, and Google etc. for your gracious acquiescence to censor on behalf of the Rothschilds.  America is being raped, pillaged, overthrown and corrupted by Rothschild money and power.

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