58 Minute Video – Timothy McVeigh – What Really Happened! 20 Years Of Research May Cause You To Rethink The “Official” Story. Official Mainstream Media Reports Included In This.


Timothy McVeigh was vilified for the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building which took the lives of many including children in day care.  Official “mainstream” television reporting is included in this video.  He is one of many “lone” actors the media would have you believe commit mass murder successfully.  He was (in the wants and warrants the police issued after the incident) John Doe number 1.  There was also a John Doe number 2 (reported by the media) who was quietly dropped from any search.  The implementation and subsequent cover up of this heinous incident was timed to push through the Counter Terrorist Act which was stalled in Congress because it was a serious abridgment of Constitutional rights – coincidental or convenient?  Ultimately it passed as the Anti-Terrorism Act; signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1996.  What happened right before the Patriot Act was made into law?  Think about it!  Watch this video which has been diligently and thoroughly researched by numerous dedicated Americans – all highly qualified in their respective fields or first hand observers of the people involved.

Ask yourself why, in a nation where it takes millions of dollars to convict a criminal and get him executed; “Why was McVeigh apprehended, tried and executed so efficiently and expeditiously?”   Was McVeigh actually executed?  If he was, was that not expected by him?

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