Is It All Just Theater?


We turn on the TV or open the newspaper, and we are confronted with unpleasant actions and thoughts.  Why?  Is someone trying to get us to think or react a certain way?  Aw, say it ain’t so!

One of the most egregious states of mankind is war.  It means nothing of your life, property or peace is safe.  It causes people to surrender rather than fight.  It puts awesome and totalitarian authority in the hands of government, or the military, or in a worst case scenario anarchists.  It’s downright scary and intimidating.  Very few people actually like it.

Who starts a war?   What starts a war?  Why are wars started?  In the following analysis, I will try to give you some insight without getting too cumbersome.  Those who hate to be restrained by any authority other than themselves have managed to pull the rug out from under America.  You must wonder why our nation is in such turmoil and disarray.  If you think it is by chance, then the manipulators have succeeded in deceiving you.  If you suspect that there may be some underhandedness, then you are on the right track.  If you suspect conspiratorial forces, then you are right on target, and just need to get up to speed.

To do that, here are some links to Amazon for relevant books that expose the conspirators: America’s Secret Establishment   Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution   Wall Street & The Rise Of Hitler   The Best Enemy Money Can Buy   The Shadows of Power   The Committee of 300   Additionally, here are the people and their ideas to destroy and enslave mankind:  Skull & Bones  Bilderberger  Iluminati  Boule  Also, there are two nasty sources for political ideology:  C&P   Communist Manifesto  (Keep in mind that Communism is oft referred to as “Scientific Atheism”)  Here is the best known, most established organization fighting against this vision of worldwide slavery of mankind:  JBS  The real solution is the Bible (get the New King James version) and two other critical books are: WCF  John Calvin  The Bible and Calvinism are the root of the principles in the Constitution – learn that next.

There are so many books and articles dealing with the behind the scenes manipulators, that I am not going to go into that with any details – do your homework – the challenge is in the previous paragraph.  You must admit that from the beginning of mankind, there have been wars and crimes of passion, and it hasn’t gotten any better.  People still murder, lie, cheat, steal, rape, pillage, and pervert the ways of a peaceful and prosperous society.  They do this in spite of the fact that they know it’s wrong, and in spite of the fact that the God of the Bible has Ten Commandments against these activities.  Does that show you the total depravity of man in a nutshell?

As regards war, we have been fed a bunch of hooey (I could use stronger terms such as bovine excrement but I’ll be gentle) about the “balance of power”!  Think about it, and ask yourself if you want to give power over to others so that your own power is diminished?  It makes no sense whatsoever.  This is what the manipulators want.  The balance of power they envision is America, Russia, and China.  Sometimes we’re friends with Russia and not China, and sometimes, China is the good guy and Russia is not.  They’ve never been the good guy both at the same time.  While one’s the good guy, we sell them high technology and strengthen their military might.  The other guy is a cold war opponent.  Then the whole thing flips after a few years.  It goes back and forth, and the only ones that make progress are China and Russia.  America loses every time.

The threat of war is just to keep us intimidated and acquiescent to the government.  The government and its handlers behind the scene would fold if we had peace and stopped agitating the situation.  Now, go prove me wrong and do your homework.

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