Did Republicans Use Sun Tzu To Win?


Sun Tzu’s Art of War teaches all sorts of subtle techniques of  political/military warfare.

Sun Tzu – The Art Of War From A Spiritual Perspective

My definition of war is the organized and complete destruction of the life, property, economic system, religion and culture of a nation or a people.  This war can be physical and violent, or it can be subtle to include perceptive philosophical, psychological and/or spiritual elements which should be called spiritual.  It is my desire to reveal the meaning of this book in the context of everyday America specifically, and the world in general.

Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War is one of the oldest, best known and most implemented strategies for war of all time.  It’s been on my mind to read it for at least three decades, and now it’s read.  My treatise will be principally in light of the spiritual or subtle natures of warfare.  I believe it’s been going on in America long before I was born, but it is escalating at a rapid pace, and may well overtake us completely in the next few years.  We are down for the count, but we are not yet out.

I will follow the categories of subjects and quoting directly from Sun Tzu.  I will highlight what I believe to be the relevant issues, and will ignore some of the more physical aspects of warfare.  I will paraphrase as well as quote, but I will try to be faithful to use quotation marks where applicable.  Let’s begin.

Laying Plans

There are 5 governing factors described as; 1.) The Moral Law, 2.) Heaven, 3.) Earth, 4.) The Commander, 5.) Method and discipline.  The moral law requires that the people be in complete accord with their ruler so that “they will follow him regardless…”.  Heaven refers to day, night, cold, heat, times and seasons.  Earth is distances, dangers, security, open and narrow passages.  Here’s the kicker; the commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage and strictness.  If you combine the moral law precepts with the commander precepts; what do you get?  You get a godless totalitarian dictatorship.  Today, there is the well-known aspects of political correctness that put subtle, and sometimes not so subtle pressures on people, and particularly people who find themselves in disagreement with the Commander and his various sub-commanders (bureaucratic heads and lesser elected officials).  It is certainly the fruit of Party (Democrat/Republican) politics where there is little room for deviation.  If you are Republican, you must support the military industrial complex and unfettered big business interests along with the preferred bureaucracies of the Party.  If you are Democrat, you must support Planned Parenthood and abortion, along with government education indoctrination, unions and major restrictions on people’s use of Mother Earth.  To deviate from these two doctrines is to violate the moral law and offend the Commander.  The last; method and discipline deal primarily with the actions necessary to facilitate the battle.

Your deliberations in laying plans include seven points; 1.) Which of the two (or more) “sovereigns is imbued with the Moral Law?”  2.) Which general has most ability?   3.) “With whom lie the advantages derived from Heaven and Earth?”  4.) Which side has most vigorous discipline?  5.) “Which army is stronger?” 6.) Which side has more highly trained men and officers?  7.)  Which army has greater and more consistent rewards and punishments?

It should be duly noted that Jesus Christ spoke of war and kings counting the cost before they go to battle, so Sun Tzu is certainly applying Christ’s principles even if he is not a believer or a moral man as Christians would define it.

Waging War

People must lose their substance and their strength has to be exhausted, and then they must be stripped bare from the massive cost of war three to four tenths of their income spent on war.  If you’ve paid any attention at all, we spent trillions of dollars on the Iraq war, and nearly as much in Afghanistan.  Additionally, we are at war with many other nations even though the war is not declared.  This is bleeding Americans dry of their substance and exhausting them with work to pay the bill.  A good general will forage amongst the enemy’s goods and material.  The ISIS thugs are using U.S. equipment to war against us.  To be successful in killing the enemy, the soldier’s must have their anger aroused.

Certainly, the radical Jihadist are there, and presumably the Americans are there as well.  False flags should be used to deceive the enemy.  In this case, Sun Tzu is being literal, but “false flag” events have a similar impact.  A false flag event is designed to put the blame on someone other than yourself.  Pirates used to pull down the Jolly Roger and hoist the British, Spanish or French flags to get close enough to fire upon an unsuspecting enemy.  Nothing’s changed.

“In war, let your objective be victory, not lengthy campaigns.  Well, the U.S. is not following that advice, but do you suppose it is because it suit our enemy’s purposes?!

Attack By Stratagem

“Take the enemy’s country whole and intact.”  This stratagem could be easily accomplished through the Gramcian strategy* of “pressure from above; pressure from below” which in essence calls for street action (violent protests – pressure from below) which makes the public nervous, and then the people cry out to the leaders to solve the problem (pressure from above).  In recent cases of pressure from above and below being financed by one source that have come to public attention, Billionaire George Soros has been financing MoveOn.Org., Black Lives Matter and numerous other street actions while at the same time financing Obama and Clinton.  You start to see the possibilities.

Not only all of that, but Obama has been bringing in scores of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands (nobody knows for sure), of Mideastern Muslim men in their late teens up to their early thirties.  Muslims are hell bent on destroying America, and particularly our Christian

*Antonio Gramci was an Italian Marxist and disciple of Georg Hegel (the Hegelian dialectic of thesis. antithesis, synthesis).  Hegel was an associate of Karl Marx, the author of The Communist Manifesto

heritage and our individual liberty which they do not recognize, and they’d like to turn our culture upside down with Sharia law.  Already there are enclaves around America where the police to not patrol, and they do not enforce the law – they allow Sharia to be enforced instead.  U.S. courts are beginning to recognize Sharia law.

Add to this the strategy of breaking the enemy without actually fighting him.  No country has formally invaded America, and yet there’s fighting in the streets, the nation is polarized, terrorist acts abound etc. etc.  The worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities, and America is a walled city in that we are bordered on two sides by oceans.

This next one is very subtle.  “…subdue the enemy’s troops without any fighting, without laying siege to them…”.   It is my contention that this strategy is being accomplished through massive infusion of drugs into America.  Now we have a heroin epidemic of huge proportions.  This is no longer a ghetto problem.  It permeates the highest strata of society.  There have been television news report footages of middle class couples passed out in their automobiles while a baby in a carrier is sitting in the back seat.  Do you think there’s a problem?  Do these kinds of people give a hoot who runs the country?  Sun Tzu says that if you are unequally matched and inferior to your enemy, then avoid him.  No one is equally matched to the U.S. at this time, so they are not attacking us directly, but that could come within a few more years, and it could especially happen if the 2nd Amendment is successfully eradicated.

Unwise employment of officers is another way to undermine an army’s functioning capability.  How about having officers enforce things they don’t believe such as homosexuals in the military, or women in combat?  Look at the scum that promotes that from below, and then look at the so called respectable politicians and sage members of the press and society and even business who promote it from above.  Is a clearer picture of what’s going on in America coming into view?

Lastly, victory goes to the nation whose Sovereign (President, Prime Minister, King etc.) does not interfere with the generals and the battle field.  Did anyone notice how much Obama interfered?  He also fired a lot of generals who were fed up with perversion and political correctness in the military.

Tactical Dispositions

Put yourself in a position of being beyond defeat.  To secure against defeat, see that the enemy provides the opportunity.  Hey, is that why American soldiers in the Mideast get ambushed with U.S. weapons by ISIS which is a creation of the United States government via the Defense Department?

Now the following is an obvious philosophy which America hasn’t done since the Reagan administration’s invasion of Grenada.  To have victory, you must go on the offensive, and you should be able to win and win with ease.  Functioning on the defensive indicates insufficient strength, and attacking a superabundance of strength.  You must be able to avoid mistakes, and put yourself in a position where you cannot be defeated, nor should you fail to seize the moment of victory when it is possible.  America fails on these points.  We are always on the defensive or making anemic aggressions after we’ve announce to the whole world what our plans are.  One particularly egregious instance was when Yasser Arafat had retreated to the sea, and Israel was prepared to destroy him.  Voila!   America sent a ship to save him and haul him away from the clutches of Israel.  Israel needs a bogey man to keep the pot stirred, so maybe it was their idea?


The battle must be orchestrated with signs and signals.  Now in the spiritual battle of today’s America, those signs and signals are a disenfranchised populace, a decline in morality, materialism ruling over spiritual matters, politicians who capitulate to the pressures from below and above etc.  The use of maneuvers direct and indirect will allow for penetration of the enemy’s forces and blunt their attack.  Direct method is for joining battle, but indirect methods must be employed for victory.  Softening up the underbelly of America with drugs, divorce, homelessness, unemployment, perversion, pornography, food additives, fluoride in the water etc. has been very effective to date.

“Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline, simulated fear postulates courage, simulated weakness postulates strength.”  Think about this as it applies to what you see in the world, and in particular politics and warfare.  Have you been faked out?

Another of these kinds of trickery is holding out some bait to suck someone in.  Here are a few examples of “spiritual warfare’ against Americans that is being employed in the material world: welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, rent control, tightly controlled mainstream media, poorly educated and trained ministers with weak churches.  One of the most effective attacks has been on public education (indoctrination) promoting socialism, rebellion against parents and protesting activism 101 to name a few.  And yet, America has never been invaded by a hostile military force – oh yeah?  Just because they don’t wear a uniform and carry a gun does not mean they are not hostile or military.  Tzu promotes the idea of “combined energy”.  If you can put together enough of the right people, you can achieve victory, and remember, this is without fighting as the objective.

Weak Points And Strong

Get to the field of battle first, so that you are rested and refreshed where the enemy must rush and will be exhausted when he arrives.  This just mirrors the old adages of first come first served, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, the early bird gets the worm etc.  Add to that the idea that you impose your will on the enemy, and don’t let your enemy impose his will on you.  With the recent victory of Donald Trump, it is possible, I’m suspect, that the people of America finally had their will imposed on the establishment instead of the opposite.  Giving advantage can suck the enemy in, and denying advantage can hold him off.  That’s the old carrot and stick approach.  Here’s welfare, but if the father lives at home, the welfare will be withdrawn.  Remember, it’s the American people who are being warred upon by the establishment which runs the government.  Hey, invest a certain way, and you’ll get a tax deduction.  Save money, and you’ll get no interest and so on and so on.  “Here’s a good one; attack positions that are undefended, and hold positions which cannot be attacked.”  Listen to the political debates and how they cleverly establish positions that cannot be attacked, while attacking as best they can indefensible or poorly defended positions.

The mainstream media does the attacking, and they attack weak people who cannot defend themselves effectively in the public arena.  If they do find someone who is capable of defending their position, they change the subject quite rapidly or they terminate the interview abruptly.  Typically, the mainstream media will have some sort of panel discussion among four or five liberals and one conservative.  Of course the liberal media gives everyone equal time, so the liberals get 80% of the coverage, or maybe a smidge more, and the conservative gets the scraps with lots of interruptions and mockery.  It’s pretty obvious to the serious observer.

Add to this subtlety and secrecy with an invisible hand manipulating things in the direction that the establishment wants.  Interview the man in the street who just happens to hold your viewpoint, or the man in the street who doesn’t, and then you find one who is a flaming nutcase exhibiting lack of knowledge and self-control.   Also, make sure you move faster than the enemy.  The media mavens generally are asking a new question of the opposition before they answer the question they just asked.  The opposition never catches up.  Are you seeing a trend yet?  It’s war, and freedom loving, patriotic, Christian Americans are in the sites of the wicked establishment and their fellow travelers and useful idiots.

Attack where someone is not well defended.  If they have a job, throw them out of work; if they have savings, stop paying a decent interest rate; if their home is paid for, raise property taxes, if they have a 401K or an I.R.A., crash the market; if they are in a good church, corrupt the teaching and cause schisms, etc. etc.  If you don’t want to fight, throw an unexpected obstacle in the way, and confound the situation.  While united, create division in the enemy.  Blacks hating whites, poor hating rich, citizens hating illegal immigrants, ignorant hating the educated and so on.  And, whatever you do, don’t announce the spot where you will attack.  Hey, ever see Obama do that with full coverage by the mainstream media troglodytes.

Strike where he is weak, and he will strengthen the weakness, at which point you can attack the next weakest area.  The establishment and their media sycophants do this to Americans all day long.  When you don’t know if the attack is coming from the left, right, rear of van, then you can never be prepared, and that is very wearying and confounding.  Throw out a probe every once in a while, to see where he is weak, so you can attack his weakest spot.  The common way of doing this these days is to send up what is known as a “trial balloon”.   Hey how about homosexuals in the military, homosexual marriage, legalization of marijuana, opening the door to pedophilia?  Then when a reaction comes, you listen to the arguments, and develop your rebuttals.  Then you have a public debate, and all of the best and the brightest backed by a complicit media will be able to thwart the arguments that were thought to be so rock solid.  Our enemy is evil, vile, wicked, unprincipled, hypocritical, and treacherous.  He will not rest, as the Scripture says; “…the wicked cannot sleep unless they’ve done some mischief…”  To beat our enemy, we must stand firmly on the word of God and expose whatever lies he is purveying.  Even Sun Tzu cannot stand against that.

“Conceal your dispositions, …and you will be safe from the prying of the subtlest spies and wisest minds.”  This translates to lie through your teeth about what you really think, and more than likely say what you think the other guy wants to hear.  Avoid what is strong and strike at what is weak.  The enemy can easily see tactics, but he cannot see strategy.  Read that last line again.  Be flexible in modifying your tactics in relation to your opponent.  Remember all of this philosophy of war can apply to non-violent tactics, although violence may manifest itself in the strategy.


“Turn the devious into the direct and the misfortune into gain.”  For decades, the establishment was posturing to bring homosexuality out of the closet and bring it mainstream.  It started with introducing pornography which included both homosexual and heterosexual acts.  Anybody watching that would be desensitized homosexuality.  Then, in the 1970’s the American Psychiatric Association redefined homosexuality from a mental disorder to normal behavior.  Some of that had to be thanks to Jack Kerouac and his book On The Road which was a peon to homosexuality and rank degeneracy.  Hey, the media hailed him as a great author and a brilliant contributor to the acceptance of sexual deviancy.  In order to make it appear normal, his subjects for interviews were prisoners and street people.

Tzu suggests that no alliances should be made without full knowledge of the prospective partner’s positions and designs.  How do you do that?  You find affiliations through associations such as Planned Parenthood, the Communist Party, the Green Party, the Socialist Party, the Democratic Party, Extremist Environmentalists like Green Peace and so on.  If you think this is all too hard on the left side of the political spectrum, you are correct, so let me say that the so called right side of the political spectrum (dominated by Neocons and Rockefeller Republicans) are just as bad with different affiliations.  Basically, you need acquaintances on the inside to help you have insight as to your best alliances – they are called “local guides”.  Once you have those alliances lined up in your mind, then you want to support them to become heads of the various associations and affiliations, and then you have major influence.  The alternative is to get the grass roots to support your idea of a good leader.

Variation of Tactics

No comments

The Army On The March

Technical and logistical perspective – no comment.


More technical – no comment

The Nine Situations

Technical – no comment

The Attack By Fire

Use of fire as a weapon and diversion – no other comment.

The Use Of Spies

As far as tools of war, spies are the highest priority of Sun Tzu.  Good spies can help to weaken the enemy, change his thinking, find his vulnerabilities, determine his strengths, learn his tactics, assess his strategy.  Spies are everywhere, and whether they are domestic or enemy is hard to tell and may not be particularly relevant.  One top principle for spies is that they should be higher paid and rewarded than any other member in the war.  Tzu notes five types; 1.) Local, 2.) Inward, 3.) converted, 4.) doomed, 5.) surviving.  Local spies are those who dwell and operate their lives in the heart of your target enemy.  People who are very local inhabitants, and may even seem rather insignificant such as a high school principal.

The “inward” spy In America’s case, those kinds would be searched out among our high elected officials, corporate executives, media opinion molders, university Presidents, the entertainment industry, sports, and other high profile personages.  We’ve recently seen what damages can be done by a Hillary Clinton with her Wikileaks emails.  Of course, we can also see how favorably disposed the media’s talking heads are to Castro’s of the world.  Hollywood has been rife with left leaning writers, producers, actors, actresses etc.  Even former President Ronald Reagan was part of that cabal at one time.

For the establishment to achieve stunning success, they must have foreknowledge, and it is spies in the form of pollsters, politicians, marketing agencies etc. who provide them with a plethora of valuable information.  It is because the establishment has so much at its disposal that it makes me highly suspect that Donald Trump’s success and victory is any surprise to them.  In fact, keeping in mind the Communist strategy of one step backward, two steps forward, it’s very possible the establishment may well have sensed the raging anger of Americans, and so they created a controlled release valve in Donald Trump.  Hopefully this is an error in judgment on my part, and time will tell.  It’s either a new era, or new boss same as the old boss.

Converted spies are those who work for the enemy, and become a counter spy.  They are very valuable to feed the opponent with false information.  They also can become very expendable and be doomed spies.

Doomed spies are utilized by making their status known, and having them float information that is a planted story or fact that will divert the attention of the enemy.  Of course they will be killed when it is discovered what they were.

Surviving spies are those who successfully return from the enemy’s camp with valuable information from the enemy’s camp.  Where do you suppose Hillary Clinton fits into this, and let’s not forget about Bill?  These surviving spies are to be very highly rewarded according to sun Tzu.  The Clinton’s went from being “broke”, to being billionaires in a few short years.  What do you think?

It is important that a secret piece of information not be divulged by a spy before the time is right or else he must be put to death along with to whomever he told the secret.  He/she must be very sagacious.  I would say that Bill and Hillary are very shrewd.  They should also be put to death for their treason.

Before the desired strike, action, attack or whatever, the spy must establish knowledge of the names of attendants, aides-de-camp, door keepers, sentries and whoever else comes in contact with the general of the army or the President of the country.  As Nicolo Machiavelli said; “Surround the king with your people.”

A real intangible which makes for an excellent spy is subtle ingenuity.  In other words to be able to tell what someone is saying by what they are not saying, or reading between the lines as the case may be.  This is probably the most valuable talent a spy could have.  It should be noted that the converted spy (who is probably the most valuable) is the one who allows access to the local and inward spies, and he also is the source for the utility of a doomed spy who gets to carry a false flag.

Now, in case you don’t yet see the value, and threat, of spying, consider the following.  The N.S.A. (National Security Agency), the C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency), F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) along with a myriad of other agencies which are not necessarily well known, and for good reason, have the ability to read, store and evaluate all, emails, telephone calls, cell phone calls, BLOGS, WEB sites, and they can monitor who sends snail mail to whom, and who knows if they read some of that.  On top of that, there are cameras everywhere, and some of them have eves dropping microphones as well.  Those microphones can pick up a voice several feet away in a soft volume.  In London, there is one camera for every three citizens – how’s that for creepy.  That of course is all robotic spying.  There are lots of people out there spying in the workforce – especially in sensitive areas like defense.  There are spies at institutions of higher learning, corporations, government organizations etc.  There are also spies in political organizations that do not agree with the government, and these spies are probably both the most astute, and the most well-hidden.  I don’t think the establishment government wants any competition.

Hopefully this treatise has opened your eyes to the need to be informed, principled and attentive toward protecting this nation, the church, your family, and your culture.  This war has been going on for well over 100 years, and our enemy smells victory.  That is why he is moving at a much more rapid pace.  He’s anxious, and we have to hope he grows over confident and careless so that he is exposed without any doubt in anyone’s mind.  The Wikileaks exposures of the mainstream media’s corruption went a long way toward accomplishing that goal, but don’t underestimate theirs and the establishment’s ability to recover.  Stand fast in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shine the light of truth on the evil that men do.

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