What Is A Policeman’s Duty?


First, a clarification.  All blacks (except conservative blacks) are saints who can do no wrong.  Second, all whites (except for Democratic Socialists) are racist devils who can do no right.

Let’s first clarify what a policeman (includes women) is NOT.  He’s not everyone’s best buddy.  He’s not there to hand out food to the homeless.  He’s not there to satisfy a make a wish foundation’s latest bleeding heart.  He’s not there to protect you (this is based upon a suit that went all the way to the New York State Supreme Court).  And yet, he does all of these things with varying degree of success and regularity even though none of the above are his duty.  In the process, he/she leaves home every day (many times a spouse and kids behind) not knowing if or when he/she will return and in what kind of condition.  While on the job, a policeman (includes women) sees the absolute dregs of society.  Virtually every day, they see people who live in filth and squalor, and listen to their vitriol and profanity hurled relentlessly at them.  They find themselves trying to settle domestic disputes which entail going into homes where a husband and wife are inflamed with anger already, and they try to settle any dispute, and often times these are the most dangerous things they do.  Frequently they have to investigate violent crimes like murder and rape, and console the surviving victims.  They are subject to numerous indignities and are confronted by criminals who are bigger than they are, many times violent, knife wielding, club swinging, gun toting, profanity shouting, fist punching deranged scum that you wouldn’t want to let set one foot inside your home.  Bottom line; they put their physical and spiritual lives on the line every single day they work.

For all of this, policemen (women included) receive nominal paychecks that allow them a modest middle class lifestyle.  Policemen used to be called “peace” officers.  Keeping the peace was one of two things police were originally intended to do.  The other job they have is to APPREHEND THE CRIMINAL.   Let that sink in for a moment.  To apprehend the criminal means to take the criminal under your control sufficiently that you can maneuver that criminal into your squad car of a paddy wagon.  From there, you have to get the criminal into an enclosed place such as a holding cell to await arraignment and trial, or posting bail as the case may be and depending upon the severity of the crime as some crimes do not allow for bail.

Now, criminals being what they are – criminals – many do not hesitate to resist the authority of the police and their attempt to apprehend (arrest) them.  Now, if the policeman’s job is to apprehend the criminal, then does that mean by any means necessary?  There is where the rub comes in.  Is lethal force justified?  If a criminal is fleeing or carrying a weapon, then he is not only a threat to the officer involved in apprehending him, but he is a potential threat to any innocent citizen with whom he might come in contact.  Could a fleeing criminal break into a house and take a hostage, or even grab someone off of the street for a hostage?  Hostage situations are highly volatile and the police even have specialists to handle them.  Ultimately, the officer in the process of apprehension must, when resistance comes into play, make split second decisions.  Arm chair quarterbacks then second guess everything, and the leftists in particular can always find fault.  Why would anyone want to be a policeman unless they are corrupt, and willing to take money to turn a blind eye to criminal activity, and/or steal from victims who are unable to defend themselves.  If we don’t treat our police properly, the alternative corrupt cop will be what you get.


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