Reform – What Is It?


Arsonists Start Fires – Fools Put Them Out Instead Of Arresting The Arsonist

When you “form” something, you give it shape and/or order.  If it gets out of shape or order, then you “RE” form it, or do it again.  An example might be what was called “Reform School” in the 50’s.  It was for juvenile delinquents who had gone bad by stealing or vandalizing stuff, or in some instances gang activity.  In the 50’s and 60’s, reform school was a blemish on one’s record, and caused shame.  For the most part, people accepted the correction and were reformed.  A few miscreants went on to graduate school in state and federal prisons.  At that point, the terminology was changed to “correction” facility, or penal (penalty) institutions.  Unlike a few weeks or months in reform school, prisons required longer stays – sometimes for life.  In some instances there was a capital crime committed, and therefore, capital punishment, or life in prison was exercised accordingly.

Fast forward a half century into the warm and fuzzy world of leftist ideology championed by people who identify with the Democratic Party of the United States.  Misbehaving youth and people in general, are no longer considered out of line.  There problem is that they are a victim of society, and as such, society must be reformed not the individual (criminal, miscreant or whatever).  Put another way, the individual who is not conforming to an orderly society has now developed sufficient sway to reform the “system”, culture, or society in which they live.  How is that accomplished?  It has to be done politically first, and socially/culturally second.  It is a top down approach which is contrary to the bottom up approach that dominated America from its inception up until post WW II.

What is the evidence of the radical change in ideology and social structure/construct?  It probably started with the Doctor Spock mentality which basically did away with any kind of corporal punishment, and of course this mindset infiltrated the government “public” education system.  Indulging the child was more important than disciplining the child.  As the establishment education and media groups relaxed discipline and embraced Spockian philosophy, there emerged, albeit gradually, a resentment for authority; rebelliousness if you will.  It manifested itself in numerous ways starting with the baby boom generation (immediately post WW II).  Sexual promiscuity became a credible and acceptable way of conducting one’s life.  Profanity became much more acceptable.  Initially, risque clothing became more acceptable, until the Woodstock celebration of 1969 in which clothing for many became obsolete and/or optional.

As the 70’s came about, the idealism of the 60’s turned to materialism and the baby boom generation came into their own.  Keeping up with the Joneses went mainstream from a colloquialism to a way of life.  In the 60’s, people bought cars they could afford, and they paid cash for them, and maybe they would take a loan from their parents if needed.  In the 70’s, people started to borrow for new cars.  A typical car loan in the 70’s would be for 2 years.  By the 80’s a car loan would run 3 years.  By the 90’s 4 years, and now, we are looking at 7 year car loans so you can have a “new” car that you cannot really afford.  Now, that’s just cars, and when it comes to houses, people have gotten in way over their heads with mortgages on 3,000 + square foot homes in the burbs that are very nice, but again way over the heads of the borrowers.  This writer’s daddy told him to live below his means.  That admonition fell on deaf ears originally, and this writer got into debt trouble as well.

Debt has a rather dramatic effect on people’s behavior.  Scripture says the borrower is “slave to the lender”.  So, what is the mindset of a “slave”?  A slave, by nature, has to resent his/her slavery.  When you resent your slavery, do you sell all of those nice things and pay off your debts so you can be free?  Maybe a few do, but the majority keep on embracing slavery and extending the debt out further and further until there is no end in sight, and it appears hopeless.  Most people in that situation want to blame someone.  Who is to blame?  Certainly the person who has a $500,000 mortgage, a $450 a month car payment, and minimum credit cards monthly payments of $ 155.00, $195.00, and $276.00 respectively is not at fault and therefore, not to be blamed – isn’t that at least in conformity to Dr. Spock’s teaching?  Indulge them with what they want – don’t say “No” to them – that’s too harsh.

If so, then who is to blame?  It must be free enterprise capitalism.  It’s those greedy businessmen who build the houses, the cars, the flat panel TV.’s, and offer those nice Sandals all inclusive vacations.  So, what is there to do?  If the debt gets bad enough, you can always file for bankruptcy, but you can only do that once every seven years which means if you start all over, they can come after you with collection agents the second time around.  How can those greedy businessmen expect you to give up everything you’re in debt for just so they can get paid for what they sold you?  They have no business wanting to pay their employees and their vendors, and who cares if they have property and income taxes to pay?  Everything should be free!

Enter the politicians.  First it’s welfare and the FHA for the underprivileged and struggling gratis F.D.R., then it’s a federal highway system gratis Eisenhower, and then food stamps, guaranteed student loans, and Medicare gratis Lyndon B. Johnson, and then pharmaceutical coverage gratis Bush, and little stuff  followed like a free cell phone gratis Uncle Barack.  None of this has anything to do with free enterprise – it’s all a socialist giveaway, and the government can’t take anything from anyone without first taking it from someone else who’s got it or produced it.  Of course, with the government as the “middle man”, it distances the recipient from the producer, and therefore creates a sense of insulation from the theft of your neighbor’s goods that you put in your own pocket as a recipient of federal largesse.  Of course, the states and municipalities have learned to adapt and do the same thing, although they cannot print money, so they create money from debt to finance all of their largesse.

As a result of all of this, most big cities are so indebted that they will never be able to pay their obligations, and are hoping the state or federal government will step in to help.  Sadly, the states and feds are all in the same boat.  Out of 50 U.S. states, at this writing, only 10 have the financial capability of paying their obligations.  The rest are, for all intents and purposes, BANKRUPT!  The federal government can print money, but when you increase the money supply (inflation) faster than you increase the production of goods and services, then you have more dollars chasing the same amount of goods and services, and that causes the price to be bid up which is the result of inflation, and not inflation itself.  This truth is carefully masked by the media and government, because if people understood this, there would be a true revolution in America immediately, because the poor would realize that inflation is a tax.

As you can now see, we need lots of reform.  Reforming the police is a hot button issue, but reforming criminals, unlike the 50’s and 60’s is not a viable topic.  People don’t like reform if they are comfortable where they are at.  The central bankers and their politicians are comfortable being in charge and controlling the money supply and how it’s spent.  The people on the public dole are not content, but are not about to change their slothful ways or give up their freebies, and these people have grown to such a large percentage of the population that the politicians haven’t got the courage to say “No!” to this behemoth of sloth and greed.  They’ll just keep on taxing the producers into oblivion.  Corporations don’t particularly care, because they just keep on selling their products, and then selling the paper financing to investors who keep on buying because the interest rate paid is so huge (12% – 22%).  Obviously, at some point in time, it has to all come crashing down.  When it does, the disciples of Dr. Spock will riot in earnest and take out their disappointment and vengeance on anyone who appears to be prosperous or in authority.

Is reform coming?  That is not a likely prospect apart from a Divine intervention by the God of the Bible whom most everyone in America seems to hate.  What is a likely prospect is violence, chaos, murder, looting, arson etc.  We’ve gotten a taste of that, but only a “taste”.  The best, or worst, depending upon who  or what you are, is yet to come.  November 4th 2020 is likely to be a watershed day in America, and it likely will be the ugliest day in American history, or at least the beginning of the ugliest day.  As this writer does daily and recommends you do daily, pray for repentance, revival and reformation.  Pray for a good, true and strong church in America, because the church is missing in action right now.


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