Politically Correct Lexicon – Word Definitions You Must Know!


Affirmative Action – Legislated hiring of inferior candidates for the best and most important jobs – preference must be shown for minorities, women, illegal immigrants and insane people.  Affirmative action in particular excludes white males.

Democracy – Rule by mobs who are controlled in thought and inflamed emotions by the corporate media and the government (Public) schools , and which by simple majority direct the rigged vote and subsequent direction of a nation’s government.

Disparate Impact – Setting job specific criteria standards for capability, and ability to perform those jobs satisfactorily such as (but not limited to): punctuality, strength, conscientiousness, honesty etc., and avoiding that by tolerating instead; laziness, dishonesty, tardiness, and inefficiency.

Diversity – The promotion and acceptance of people and cultures which hate you and your culture, and favoring those people with disproportionate government benefits, favorable media, visas, salaries and jobs at the expense of the existing populace.

Hate Speech – A legally murky act which warrants law suits and job firings for people with opinions that do not conform to those opinions which are established as correct.  In particular any opinions which support western or Christian culture and values are particularly hateful.

Inclusiveness – Promoting tolerance for those who are intolerant of western cultural values such as Jihadists Muslims.

Multiculturalism – the acceptance and preference of more than one culture in a culture which means that a nation that does so has no culture, and competing cultures will then cause strife and civil war until one culture becomes dominant, and the dominant surviving culture won’t be western culture and especially won’t be Christian.

Racial profiling – law enforcement’s antediluvian thinking and techniques used to find criminals where there is a high concentration of them, and who fit a certain description (profile if you will).  Example would be where young black men (18 – 30) congregate and are 70 percent of all murders while only being 3% of the population.  It would be better to go profile white middle class neighborhoods with low crime rates – well, it’s less risky for the police anyway.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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