Daily Archives: April 12, 2017

“Getting Dressed” Is An Accredited Course At Princeton University – See List Of Other Stupid Courses In Text Below

  For parents, this may help you decide to pay or not to pay for egregious tuition fees.  For students, this may be a help and an incentive to determine what college or university to attend.  For government bureaucrats in the education department, this will give you a list of courses to throw more taxpayer […]

Look At This Chart Showing A Dramatic Decline In Illegal Immigration Since Trump’s Election!

  Illegal Immigration From Mexico In Steep Decline Because New Migrants Know They Will Be Arrested And Deported

Washington Post Article Sounds Alarm For Global Warming – Arctic Ice Is Melting!

  This tremendous article has just one drawback – it was written in 1922, and that was well before any talk of anthropogenic global warming, cooling or climate change.  It’s hard to believe, but it gets warm in the summer and cool in the winter – does the sun and the earth’s rotation/axis have anything […]

Is The Bible True? This Atheist’s Video Is An Extensive Investigation – 1 Hour

  Click on the link below: This 1 hour Movie Will Challenge Your Presuppositions If You Do Not Believe In Christ