Daily Archives: April 29, 2017

Street Action Brings Violence

  What happens when people accompanied by their strong convictions go out into the street and demonstrate for their “beloved” cause?  That depends on the political correctness of the cause.  If the cause agrees with the “Establishment” orchestrated by the bankers, then it will get favorable media coverage, and opponents will likely get arrested or […]

Urgent Announcement About Global Climate Change!!!

  When Al Gore’s, U.S. Senator and V.P. under Clinton, father was a U.S. Senator in the 1950’s, there were 5000 polar bears, and now today (2017), there are only 25,000 remaining! Official World Wildlife Web Site Count Of Polar Bears  We need more ice, and less CO2 which sustains the life of plants and […]

Viva La France! 2 Minute Shredding Of Angela Merkel By Marie Le Pen!!!!!!! Down With The E.U., The U.N., The CFR, The Trilateralists, And All The Other World Government Thugs!!!!

  There has been bad blood between France and Germany twice in the 20th Century in WW I and WW II.  Here it is again, and people had best pay attention.  Marie La Pen speaks for the people of France, where Angela Merkel speaks for the internationalists represented by the U.N., the E. U., and […]

Repealing Obamacare Violates International Law! That Is, Of Course, If You Choose To Be Subservient To The Corrupt, Hypocritical, Socialist U.N.

  You may laugh, but the United Nations is as serious as a heart attack, and they think they actually count.  As long as leftist politicians in America give them money and credibility, they do count – even though they are responsible for child molestation, rape, pillage, murder, warmongering and undermining governments that disagree with […]