Urgent Announcement About Global Climate Change!!!


When Al Gore’s, U.S. Senator and V.P. under Clinton, father was a U.S. Senator in the 1950’s, there were 5000 polar bears, and now today (2017), there are only 25,000 remaining! Official World Wildlife Web Site Count Of Polar Bears  We need more ice, and less CO2 which sustains the life of plants and trees (photosynthesis – remember that from junior high school?).  And, don’t forget, that Al Gore has become a billionaire with his carbon credits schemes.  And who financed the EPA –  the Rockefellers, and their protege Richard Nixon signed it into law.  Fact Check

We need fewer people so we can have more room for leftist hypocrites and the wealthy bankers who finance them. We need more Mother Earth worshipers, and fewer Christians who worship the God who created earth which is not really our “mother”.

Everyone needs to live in a cave and stay warm snuggling in dead leaves and branches. No?  Solar is the answer!  Solar panels are made of glass which is the most energy intensive product on the planet to make.  How about wind?  Windmills use three hundred pounds of rare earth minerals which require gouging Mother Earth.  Then they need to be transported to the site which requires oil/gas which is another gouging of Mother Earth.  Oh, we’ll use electric vehicles – yeah – where does the electricity come from but some fossil fuel supplier – you know those evil people who’ve been keeping your lights on for over a century?

Most importantly, we need to all be warm fuzzy, mindless, moronic, emotional, irrational, collective thinking socialists stealing from our productive neighbors to finance our lifestyles of luxury while we preach conservation and self deprivation under a tyrannical dictatorship – no room for dissension here.  Pass this one on!

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Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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