Street Action Brings Violence


What happens when people accompanied by their strong convictions go out into the street and demonstrate for their “beloved” cause?  That depends on the political correctness of the cause.  If the cause agrees with the “Establishment” orchestrated by the bankers, then it will get favorable media coverage, and opponents will likely get arrested or ignored by the corporate media.  If the cause disagrees with that same establishment, then the demonstrators will certainly be subject to arrest along with negative press.

Most demonstrations which are dealing with “hot button” issues, have infiltrators in the ranks.  These are people who often times wear masks and represent Communism or Socialism.  They usually throw a well timed rock or bottle at the police in order for the police to justify “cracking down” on the demonstrators.  Those agitators then leave the scene in safety only to return to the next “hot button” demonstration.  These agitators tend to get paid such as BLM (Black Lives Matter) agitators who came from hundreds of miles away and were financed by one of George Soros’s front groups or foundations.

One political strategy, and don’t kid yourself this is all politics, is called “false opposition”. It’s quite possible that Donald Trump was, and is, false opposition to Hillary Clinton.  So far, Trump has gone from peacenik to warmonger, from fiscal conservative to fiscal insanity, from a supporter of Wikileaks to wanting to arrest Julian Assange, from nationalist to internationalist, and if he goes from global warming “denier” to embracing global climate change, then the transmogrification will be complete, and we’ll know that he was just false opposition under the control of the central bankers.

It takes a serious person to look behind the curtain and under the rug to see from where all the dirt and deception is coming.  Are you a serious person, or a warm and fuzzy person?  Think about the mild sayings coming from warm and fuzzy people who can also be called “useful idiots” by the Marxist Leninists who are using them, or the bankers who finance the Marxist Leninists.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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