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13 Minute Video – Antifa In Minneapolis – A Religion Or Political Movement Or Both? You Decide!

  Antifa In Minneapolis  (NOTE: In the video a person is carrying a sign that says; “Blue Lives Don’t Matter)  The implication being that anyone who disagrees with the Democratic Socialist Party of America is fair game for violence and murder!)  It should be duly noted that the church which at one time in America […]

Links To The Hard Left Organization Antifa Or (Antifafa – Antifascist Fascists)

  Get ready for Antifa UNLEASHED!!! Antifa (ADL) Antifa (Independent) Antifa (Pacific Standard) Antifa (Reason)  Violent attacks on Andy Ngo! Antifa (CNS News) Antifa (Fox News) Antifa (U.S. Senator Ted Cruz) Antifa (Wall Street Journal) Antifa (Discover the Networks) Antifa (Urban Dictionary) Antifa (RVA Magazine) Antifa (Job Ap Match) Antifa (American Spectator) Antifa (Politico) Antifa […]

Video – Police Shortage In Portland Oregon – Somehow The City Council Is So Dense, They Just Can’t Figure It Out!

  Police Shortage.  What are the ramifications of a police shortage?  Besides the obvious that personal safety, private property and law enforcement in general are at risk, governments will not allow that to happen.  If you can’t get good people to be police, then you will get bad people to be police.  You’ll get people […]

Antifa Publishes Its Strategy To Murder Politicians Who Are Anti-Illegal Immigration. (That’s “Illegal” Which Is Not A Race Or A Religion)

  Antifa Exposes Their Murder Of Politicians Strategy!   Hey can you say; “Antifa”?  Can you say “murderer”?  Can you say; “DEMOCRAT“? Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! […]

1 Minute Video – Mike Isaacson Believes It’s O.K. To Threaten You If You Disagree With Him. He Also Has No Problem Harassing You, Your Family, Neighbors Etc. & Damaging Your Property For The Same Reason.

Maybe This Guy needs to go away?  Quietly would be preferred.  Either the Communist thugs will dispose of you, or you will dispose the Communist thugs.  They will not recognize ANY middle ground!!! DO NOT, repeat DO NOT look to the Republicans, or Donald Trump for relief, because they are all compromised!  Many Links Below […]

26 Minute Video – Communist/Antifa Berkeley, California Mayor Turns City Council Meeting Over To Antifa Thugs Opposing Police Chiefs Claims Of Their Violence.

  Antifa Thugs! Listen as these thugs refute the video the Chief of Police shows to the City Council – they have no shame, and not an honest bone in their bodies – but, then when’s that new with Communists?  Of course these thugs use the oldest trick in the book which is to accuse […]

12 Minute Video Exposes Undercover Police Inciting Violence & Police Stand By & Watch Without Doing A Thing!

  Watch an undercover policeman flee a man he assaulted, and escape behind police lines with no opposition by any of the police in the line.  See link below: Undercover Police Caught Inciting Violence – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! […]

Who Was Antonio Gramsci? He’s Had A Huge Effect On America Recently!

Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Marxist and founder of the Communist Party in Italy, was the formulator and author of the political strategy defined by the phrase “Pressure from below, pressure from above.”  What does that mean?  The objective is to get agitators in the street which then puts pressure on leaders at the top to […]

53 Minute Video – Peter Schiff, A Jewish Economist, Chimes In On Charlottesville, Virginia. What A Brilliant Thinker He Is.

  Peter is a brilliant and articulate man who has a tremendous grasp of truth.  Listen and be amazed at his cogent presentation of the false dichotomies given to the American public by the lying corporate media.  See link below: Peter Schiff On Charlottesville Virginia – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees […]

$25 Per Hour Offered On Craig’s List For Rioters In Charlotte Virginia. George Soros Must Be Behind It!!! 16 Minute Video With Documented Evidence.

  How does George Soros (who receives U.S. tax dollars) manage to stay out of jail as he overtly and covertly tries to overthrow the United States of America?  Could it have anything to do with his huge financial support for Barak Obama and the Democratic Paty U.S.A.?  See link below: $25 Per Hour To […]

Antifa – A History That Starts In The Wiemar Republic Of NAZI Germany. As Solomon Says; “There’s Nothing New Under The Sun.”

  Things moving just a little too fast right now?  Just wait until the establishment and their Antifa, BLM, Commie, Jihadist stooges get a little more momentum, and like a snowball rolling down hill, you won’t be able to stop it. Antifa’s NAZI/Communist Origin – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, […]

49 Minute Video – Is U.S. Senator John McCain A NAZI? You Decide. How Does This Relate To Charlottesville Virginia’s Violent Demonstrations?

  How does all of this relate to Charlottesville Virginia and the violent protests?  Freedom of any Constitutional rights/guarantees are highly at risk.  If America goes down, the whole world goes down. John McCain A NAZI? – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes […]

Organization For Action (OFA) Is Obama’s Group Designed To Turn America Into A Hard Core Communist Nation – Linked Here For You To Confirm The Truth Of It.

  It’s hard enough to believe that our last President was a Communist Muslim Jihadist, but now he resides 2 miles from the White House where he plans his treasonous attack on Trump, our government, our Constitution, our liberty and the property of the American people.  Is that what you really want?  See the link […]

Street Action Brings Violence

  What happens when people accompanied by their strong convictions go out into the street and demonstrate for their “beloved” cause?  That depends on the political correctness of the cause.  If the cause agrees with the “Establishment” orchestrated by the bankers, then it will get favorable media coverage, and opponents will likely get arrested or […]